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Orange you glad……

……. actually yes I am glad I’m having a great saturday and I’m quite happy about i🙂 haha ( cheesy? yes.) 

I went to yoga this morning then, read some of my book at Starbucks. After that I did a little shopping with my mom and tonight I’ll be cooking dinner then going over to my bff, Taylor’s house.

A very relaxing saturday calls for a fun post..OBVIOUSLY!


carrots. um I’m surprised my skin isn’t turning colors. I eat about one pound of carrots in 5-7 days. yeah thats a food obsession ❤

The orange shirt I wore to work on friday. Orange+navy capris= sailer chic (I think 😉 haha)

KIX with HONEY. WARNING: this is the best cereal ever created and let me tell you I’m not really a cereal person but YOU MUST BUY THIS. thank you that is all 🙂

Orange flower. From my trip to Ohio, but still pretty. It’s been sooo nice outside today; blue skys and pretty flowers all around .. LOVING IT

SOOOOO what’s your favorite color (s)?

Mine are aqua and marigold

Peace, Love, Happiness…. SUMMER VACATION!

-Britt ♥


down with TO-DOs

I’VE BEEN ON STRIKE! This weekend I banned the TO – DO list from my “schedule”. But that’s what weekends are SHOULD BE all about right??

Well, the past few days have been great. It felt really good to do what I wanted and do what truly makes me happy. I’ll be going into my Monday morning with a clean slate and a fresh outlook on my life right now. (If you can’t tell already, I did some reflecting in my free time)  I appreciate my life and the people in my life more and more every time I think about it 🙂


I read my AMAZING BOOK! please get this…it’s a real page-turner

YES. I made a smoothie with the right consistency!

I made it with this….. new Chobani flavor ( for kids) but still REALLY good


THANK YOU EVERYONE for all your smoothie making advice. the frozen banana did the trick!!! now I’ll have actually smooth smoothies for the rest of my life MWAHAHAHHAHA 😉


friday: gym ( elliptical for 50 mins then abs)

saturday: hour long bike ride around town

sunday: SPIN CLASS!!

a rare weekend where I work out everyday…OH WELL not complaining about having free time on my hands!!

Today, after spin my mom and I went out for brunch with my best friend Taylor and her mom. It was so cute and we all laughed basically the whole time as we told stories and gossiped!! o0o0o0o0o0o0o.

I wore this dress with a red tank underneath. American Apparel. SO COMFY. one of my favorite “stores”

After lunch we went…


we bought ALOT of goodies. gotta love shopping with mom 😉

FOR DINNER I MADE TOFU ( if you can’t tell I’ve been having alot of foodie firsts lately!) :

 marinated tofu, salad with corn salsa and veggies. MMM-MMM-MMM

is it weird that I’m excited to go back to work tomorrow? haha guess this good mood is messing with my BRAIN!!!!!!

RANDOM QUESTION: Do you get paid/ or know how to get paid for blogging? How can I get sponsered and/or review products for different companies?? If you’re uncomfortable posting that info in a comment feel free to email me:

OTHER RANDOM  QUESTION: I removed the boarders from my pictures do you like it: YAY OR NAY?? ALSO Would you like my pictures to be smaller?…cuz I can do that too! haha

.n.i.g.h.t.y. .n.i.g.h.t.




– ♥britt♥ –

The latest craze!!

This summer has been pretty good to me so far. I’ve done alot of fun stuff, I’ve done alot of relaxing, working out, cooking, reading, and writing for RODALE.COM!

Tonight I thought I’d share with you all my most recent obsessions 🙂

1. Tapping into my newly discovered “fashion” sense

2. Chobani yogurt…not exactly new but… EVERY morning without fail, I crave one. At least it’s a healthy obsession and it just tastes so freakin good!!

3. Experimenting with my staple foods. Here  I attempted honey mustard warmed chick peas with honey sunflower seeds and salad. D.E.L.I.S.H

4. APPLES AND CINNAMON!! You must try this … cut up an apple put it in a plastic bag, throw in cinnamon and shake it up 😉

5. My dog benji.  He will ALWAYS be one of my obsessions ♥ haha

6. My latest book: Dreamland by Sara Dessen, I can’t put it down!!!

Question: What have you been obsessed with lately!??? Gimme your top 3 obsessions! 

Have a great night 🙂 peace, love, and happiness

– Britt

ThE DiRtY DoZeN!!

….. Who knows what the dirty dozen is??? I DO! I’ve been doing alot of reading about organic food and pesticides. WELLLLL the 2011 “dirty dozen”  recently has been released…. guess which is number 1 on the list of foods with the most pesticides and residue.

APPLES: the staple of my day. looks like I’m going to start convincing my family to go organic with AT LEAST apples.

What foods do you buy organic??

MOVING ON  with the day of switching things up since the beginning of the week

sweater and white capris for the “chilly day” (78 degrees)

I got bored in the morning . I actually had EXTRA time which of course I wasn’t going to spend going into work super early. duhhh

Why not play around with the Nikon?

haha okay well enough of THAT.

After driving into work, and only have ONE ,yes ONE cup of coffee, I had some of this ( and no it’s not ground meat haha)

it’s Chocolate oatmeal and pb 🙂 

I did some work and what not, but was still soooooo hungry. sSo I ate half of my afternoon snack. a downside of switching things up

LUNCH TIME!! I eat with all the other interns and we are starting to become friends, which is nice in an office building of intimidating professionals. 😉

salad ( from home), egg-white, feta, and edamame from the caf

After the internship I went to Wednesday SPIN CLASS! It was a hard one but I love it…I admit IM ADDICTED and glad I switched up my work out this week finally 🙂Dinner was boring : sweet potato, chick peas, veggies, bread… blehhh

WELP off to hang and eat dessert and relax , after all ITS SUMMER VACATION :)!! 

peace, love, and happiness

Britt ♥

sunday night reflections

Hello everyone! I’m just sitting down after a VERY eventful weekend 🙂

But before I let you all in on the activities… I have a HUGE ANNOUNCMENT:



I am doing this because,  while I loved Umass and my friends there, it was just too far from home. But now I am officially a blue hen!

Anyways! this weekend….DAVE CAME DOWN TO VISIT ♥

Saturday night we went to a MICHAEL BUBLE CONCERT in Atlantic city.

Funny story about our seats: We got some “cheap” tickets in the nose-bleed section. Good seats, but a bit up there in the concert hall. Then, after the opening act was over, a man who worked for the concert came up to everyone in our section explaining that they didn’t sell tickets to a section in the middle center ON THE FLOOR, because they thought it would have blocked view. TURNS OUT it didn’t and WE GOT TICKETS FOR FLOOR SEATS in the very center…..

WHAT LUCK! The view was perfect. The concert was great. Michael was hilarious, put on a great show, and had flawless vocals. 🙂

Mr. Buble also went to a stage in the middle of the crowd (even closer to us) for a few songs!!!!!!!!!!

The light show was awesome too!!!

Overall a very very awesome night 🙂

TODAY me and dave woke up and made smoothies! Well, I made us smoothies haha (PEACH,MANGO,BANANA= AMAZING)

everything’s better in twos 

The rest of the day we hung around the house and saw SUPER 8 (great movie..highly recommend seeing it ;)) and then sadly Dave was off back to Massachusetts  😦  but I’ll be going to his house in 10 days. 🙂

haha typical? had to put this one up.

Soooooooooooooo I’ve been thinking. All of these changes in my life have made me reflect on priorities. Clearly every aspect of a persons life can’t be perfectly in balance, and most likely never will be. So a girl’s gotta have priorities about what she holds most important right?

 I’ve come to realize that my number 1 priority is keeping myself happy and a very very close 2nd is taking care of my relationships with people and making sure they are happy 🙂

QUESTIONS: What are your priorities? ALSO, What’s your favorite smoothie combo! ( I need ideas :)) 

welp I’m off to relax before another week of internship-ing and to finish my book!!!!!!! This week I’ll try to post more food that I’ve been eating and possibly recipes on the weekend when I have more time 🙂 SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME!

peace, love ,and calm,



Alright everybody. Get ready for a ranting post. Today was such a bad day…here are A FEW reasons why

  1. the day started out with rain. and it continued with rain ALL DAY
  2. on the bus on the way to class I picked the one seat where the roof leaked so I got rained on while getting to Biology
  3. I took some good pics today, but I accidentally  put the memory card in my camera the wrong way, soo I had no way to get them on the computer
  4. I attempted to do homework in between classes but the website I needed was down ( turns out I didn’t need to do this homework, but at the time… it was REALLY FRUSTRATING)
  5. I decided to skip the gym since I was in such a bad mood today so, carrying my heavy sneakers AND website-less laptop around all day was a waste
  6. On the way back to my dorm a car splashed me with a dirty puddle from the side of the road
  7. Lucky number seven….I WAS attempting to take a nap after this post but, my neighbor thinks it’s a good idea to blast music at 5 PM

Sorry for such a down post but, school is really starting to get to me. I need summer break A.S.A.P.

A happy picture to cheer me and you up?


Cape May Beach from last summer<3


As for tonight, I’m going to make it relaxing and fun. I LUCKILY don’t have much homework . ALSO, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting less….and I’m sorry to say but school right now is NOT that interesting and the dining hall food is becoming more and more unappealing. I will obviously keep posting but, not as much as I plan to come summer-time 🙂 so just hang tight for one month.


Does anyone have some funny jokes for me?? I need a good laugh 🙂

Peanut Brittle and Half a Snow Day

I woke up to LOTS OF snow and…….class?? There was no cancelation to be seen for my morning cooking lab, so I packed an apple and a bar , bundled up, and made my way over to kitchen lab.

In the lab, we tested different methods of making candy! We saw what happens when you add corn syrup to a heated sugar and water mixture ( MAKES WHITE FONDANT!) and when you don’t ( MAKES HARD CANDY).

THEN we made Peanut Brittle as it continued to snow and snow some more!!!

And for your entertainment: ME IN THE DORKY HAT AND COAT THAT WE HAVE TO WEAR 🙂

After this class my school finally canceled classes so, I got to be done for the day! Then I went back and had a nice lunch:

I had: tomatoes,carrot sticks, egg, cheese, almonds slices. And another place containing: more egg, tuna, chickpeas,veggies, and noodles. Then a side of fruit and a tad of yogurt (big lunch…it’s that time of the month HELP!)

After lunch I came back to my dorm hung out,played in the snow, played guitar, and slept ( wow what a much needed day off!) My meeting for Hillel Fit was cancled but here’s the basic plan: this is a GET FIT program that the Hillel house of Umass is starting. I am on the nutrition end, and soon I’ll be consulting other students, in private, to help them make healthier choices in the dining commons. Two meetings have been canceled due to snow so far….let’s hope next week is clear 😛

ANYWAY dinner was interesting since my stomach was acting funny..

This plate (plus more) conatined: plain and vanilla yogurt, 2 Ts of PB, strawberry preserves,honey, an apple, some melon, and (not pictured) KIX cereal.


OH AND DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT this week’s >>>> hercampus article<<<< by MOI

Welp, I’m off to do laundry and watch a movie 🙂 let’s hope tomorrow is a full snow day. THIS GIRL NEEDS AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE

……OH AND Question of the day and sorry if this is forward but… : What are some of your tips,tricks, and/or stories about getting through “that time of the month” ??? can’t wait for this feedback haha because lets face it, we all have something to share 😉