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the end and the beginning


I promise I am still alive and kickin’! I have been taking a blogging break for many reasons: relaxing for summer, getting ready for UDEL, and other things. ALSO… my internship at Rodale is over! It was  such a great learning experience and I met alot of knowledgeable people in the magazine and online world.

While it’s the end of my summer vacation and internship, it’s also the beginning of a new life at school! I will be in an apartment and meeting all new people. Not gonna lie…  I AM NERVOUS! BUT excited too 🙂

Life’s been pretty good to me this summer. I saw beautiful things, had A LOT of fun times, and I notice positive changes in myself.

AND OF COURSE… ate great food 🙂

My most recent creation: PUMPKIN PIE PARFAIT

canned pumpkin and vanilla Chobani layered with graham crackers!


I need to remember (and we all need to remember) that while summer is COMING to a close… IT’S NOT OVER YET! I’ll be going to NANTUCKET this weekend with DAVE ❤ LEAVING TOMORROW for a final summer beach trip 🙂 😦 🙂 AND I’ll be sure to have a fun bus ride with my new KINDLE

Question: what is your favorite memory of this summer??

I’ve had so many amazing memories that I can’t decide which one I like the best!! I’ll have to think about it…maybe they were all my favorite 🙂 yeah lets go with that….

….And finally, my random peace of advice for the evening: Appreciate the beautiful people in your life. The people who help you out when you are down, the people who listen to you rant about silly issues, the people who are there for you when you really need them most. Even if it’s just one person. Having positive influences in your life can make you a happier person all around. 🙂




[ insert witty title here]

…… sorry guys that’s all I could come up with today haha

BUT, boy do I have a great post for ya’ll 😉

Let’s rename this post: THE RANDOMNESS POST.

Things have been very chill lately. Writing articles for basically daily 🙂 go to to see some of my schtuff !

Workouts have been goooooood. I’m really into this whole bring 5 million things to read while on the elliptical ….and I’d have to say it’s working ! Today I did the elliptical for about 1 hour then, abs.

Outfits, I love (and recommend you wear) YELLOW AND NAVY!

very sailor/beach-esk?

Last night for Dinner I made this:

Marinated tofu on greens with poppyseed dressing and honeyroasted sunflower seeds. DROOOOL

I marinated the tofu in a combination of honey-dijon mustard and greek dressing. SOUNDS WEIRD, I know. BUT it’s a delicious marinade for tofu, fish, and chicken (i’ve heard ;))

…...continuing with the randomness

My dog is so cute!! BUT is very needy, such a diva (even though he’s a boy)

OH and I saw the last harry potter on thursday at 12:01!! haha WHO ELSE SAW IT ??

This is my backyard. My mom loves to garden and has made it soo beautiful !

This morning for breakfast I made something REALLLLLLY good and creative 😉

chocolate-pb-banana oatmeal (sans actual bananas!)

  • make oatmeal
  • add coco powder 🙂
  • add 1/2 a container of champions banana honey greek yogurt
  • top with pb

How many more random things can I tell you in this post…. lets see!!

I have a sinus infection from allergies, boo!

I have my orientation for UDEL on monday!!!!! (so nervous/excited)

I will be going up to my old overnight camp tomorrow (where I spent 8 summers of my life people!) to see all my old bunk mates…we all still talk and are still best friends!

I get to see Dave in less than 1 week…were going to cape cod. WOOT WOOT!


And there you have it, the random saturday post. Hope you enjoyed it….Oh and no random post would be complete without a random quesiton:

WHAT IS YOUR MANTRA or FAVORITE QUOTE 🙂  i need some enlightenment today 😉


peace, love, and happiness

-Britt ♥

Eat this. Wear this. Do this.

ahhhhhh summer. A perfect time to read in Starbucks, relax, and brainstorm post ideas!!!!!!

…….. Here’s what I came up with 🙂 : Once in a while I think I’m going to do a post about three things:  what to eat. what to wear. what to do. this will be fun!

My three for this time :


Eat this: Apples and cinnamon 

chop them up in a bag..throw in the spice..and toss around!

chop up in a small bowl with cinnamon, microwave for 1 minute, put coolwhip or vanilla pudding or vanilla icecream on top! INSTANT APPLE PIE

* sooooooooooo amazinggglyyy gooooooood*

Wear this: Fancy belts on black




Do this: turn your desk into a standing work station

A WHAT?????

YES, a standing work station! I assembled this today out of crates, books, and boxes. It can easily be taken down when I want to sit..but wow just one day standing 1/2 the day made my back feel so much better!!!

QUESTION: What did you eat, wear, and do today!??? 

peace, love, happiness



HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had quite the weekend! I took a day off from the internship so today felt like sunday to me…hence SMONDAY 🙂 It all started friday night when I took a (VERY VERY DELAYED) plane up to Boston to visit DAVE. we did a ton of fun stuff but FIRST OF ALL …..

As I was walking down the street in boston I saw ADAM SANDLER pushing a stroller down the street!! I walked up to him and ask for a photo! I REALLLLY don’t know where that courage came from cuz I was only one with enough guts to talk to a CELEB..haha memorable moment for sure 😉

MOVING ON!! Me and Dave did alot of relaxing by the pool. Dave tried his hand at taking artsy shots…..AND he was pretty good I must say:

And mine…..


SUMMER ROCKS!! (there’s the little kid in me coming out for ya)

Another highlight of the weekend was the Portuguese Fiesta Dave took me to! There was some good food including this fried dough coated in sugar 😉 ( I forget what it’s called in portuguese) but it was SOOO good.  Anyone know the official name?????

Well, this morning I took my flight home to Pennsylvania. 😦 ….. I’m not too sad though, he’ll be here next weekend for fourth of july festivities. WOOT WOOT

In other news my most recent article is up on! Check it out 🙂

One more thing….. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover here. This was today’s lunch after a morning of travel:

egg whites, pineapple salsa, balsamic salad. IT WAS SOOO GOOOOOD

New advice:

  • try either eggs on your salad ( same taste as hard boiled but different texture)
  • OR salsa on your salad ( especially pineapple)
  • OR! balsamic and egg whites
  • OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!!
Questions: Alright, what’s the strangest two foods you’ve ever eaten together and liked???? AND What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten in general!???                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          peace, love, and happiness- BRITT♥



I am feelin good tonight. Summer has DEFINITELY been treating me well and I’ve been doing so many fun things with my free time ( before I start my internship ON MONDAY!!)

Yesterday I relaxed, did some summer $hopping, and went to the gym.

Today I woke up to yet another beautiful sunny day. ( the weather has been A-mazing)

For breakfast I cut open a cantaloupe and cut up 1 half of it! plus plain greek yogurt, honey, and cereal. 

( notice the sun-themed colors ;))

THEN I played some guitar, ate lunch, and headed over to the park to read! I just started the book “SARAH’S KEY”. I am loving it so far!! Reviews to follow.

Oh and to all of you who read my post long ago about finishing  “Are you there Vodka it’s me Chelsea”, I’m so sorry I didn’t review it but here’s my words of advice. READ THAT BOOK! It’s freakin hilarious but a bit raunchy. So if your not into that kind of humor, you could probably skip it 😉

ANYWAY in the park I was just sitting there minding my own business, and about 5 feet in front of me was A DEER!! I don’t know why I was scared. It was just staring at me haha. I s.l.o.w.l.y picked up my towel, purse, shoes, and book and moved locations.

new SAFE spot. ( new shoes  ya like????:))

After the park I went over to the gym for what I had planned to be an easy work out…I surprised myself with the amount of energy I had.

I did:

  • 35 mins on the elliptical
  • 15 mins on a different kind of elliptical
  • 4 mins on the stair stepper
  • ABS and stretching 
ANYWAY I noticed the way I work out is by distracting my self with magazines, yes multiple, so that I’m not completely tuned in to the hard work that I’m doing. I also blast some pump-up music to feel like I’m more dancing than actually working out.
How do you like to work out??
focused on what your doing? or distracted with music and magazines? ( like me )
Before I go I’ve gotta show ya’ll my dinner tonight was sooooooo yummy
salad with sunflower seeds,veggies, and feta. PLUS:
  • 7-12 cut up shrimp in a microwave small bowl
  • 1/2 cup of marinara sauce pours over and mixed in
  • feta cheese and parmesan sprinkle cheese on top
  • MICROWAVE for about 1 minute and 30 seconds ( watch it while heating … it might bubble over)
  • Top with flat bread
perfection.:) Anyways I’m off to read more of  SARA’S KEY and eat dessert!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  peace, love, and calm                                                                                                                                – Britt♥

Yin and Yang

 HELLO LOVES! I’m finally back from Ohio and have settled in and unpacked from my road-trip-filled 2 weeks. This morning, breakfast was chocolate oats with vanilla Chobani 

Chocolate oats: Cook 1 packet of original oatmeal in microwave with water. while hot, add 2 tablespoons of dark chocolate coco powder plus 1/2 packet of sweetener. Let cool a bit, then put the yogurt in the bowl!

(very zen)

 My crazy two weeks of travels are over. Now I’m home for a while…and starting my internship with Rodale press NEXT WEEK.

We had alot of fun in Ohio. We brought Benji along for the 6 hour drive to visit my brother Brandon. It was nice for the whole family to be together and overall it was a great time. We got to do some cool stuff in Cleveland but my favorite part was the CLEVLAND BOTANICAL GARDENS. 

The flowers were beautiful. BUT before I reveal these pictures I must divulge some of my recent thoughts that I’ve been having over the fast few weeks.               I’ve been thinking……. 

Life is about b.a.l.a.n.c.e

Too much stress? Not enough fun? Too much thinking? Not enough calm?

LIFE HAS A WAY of balancing itself out.

This gives you your YIN AND your YANG

HOPING this will happen MAY lead to inner calm……..

….BUT trusting this will happening is comforting enough ( for me) to find some inner calm even when things in my life aren’t going exactly the way I want them to

Right now, my life is having a lot of ups and downs. I find comfort in knowing that life is about balance, YIN AND YANG. Things will work out the way they are supposed to.  THE ONLY THING I have control over is me.

The world will work itself out to balance my life and all I can do is enjoy the good moments everyday and all the amazing people in my life .

Even though everyday is filled with good, bad, and in between moments….

NOTHING is black and white.

There is yin.

There is yang.

There is balance. 

Those are just a few of my thoughts today 🙂 The rest of the day I plan on running some errands and doing a spin class! WOOOOH!

Let me know how you find the balance in your life. 

peace, love, and calm




( flowers in my kitchen…had to get some snap-shots)

I am having a ton of fun with Dave at my house. He’s been here since Wednesday and we’ve been treating my house like a resort!

Here’s  a picture of us at David’s grandparent’s house! Day one of our little roadtrip/vacation.

Dave has been getting pampered by me, “THE CHEF”, who is so excited to have someone else  in the house to cook for. He’s had smoothies, grilled cheese , Thai food ( at LUIS) and this morning I made a special egg sandwich. I had lemon chobani ,almonds, cheerios and we split an orange. 

Then we hung out, I serenaded him with my guitar and vocals ( lucky private concert), and we did a little shopping. He convinced a tentative shopper to purchase a fedora hat..and IM SOOOOOOOO GLAD I did. I can’t wait for it to spruce up my everyday looks 😉

Welp, tomorrow Dave goes back to Massachusetts 😦 😦 :(.  BUT he’ll be back down in a few weeks and I’ll be going up too 🙂 so staying positive there haha♥

Tomorrow it’s a 6 hour drive with my parents and dog to see my brother Brandon in OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you all after this weekend! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY 

peace, love, and calm

-Britt ♥

QUESTION:  Fill me in on your vacation plans for the summer if you have any OR the best vacation you ever had! I’d love to hear