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[ insert witty title here]

…… sorry guys that’s all I could come up with today haha

BUT, boy do I have a great post for ya’ll 😉

Let’s rename this post: THE RANDOMNESS POST.

Things have been very chill lately. Writing articles for basically daily 🙂 go to to see some of my schtuff !

Workouts have been goooooood. I’m really into this whole bring 5 million things to read while on the elliptical ….and I’d have to say it’s working ! Today I did the elliptical for about 1 hour then, abs.

Outfits, I love (and recommend you wear) YELLOW AND NAVY!

very sailor/beach-esk?

Last night for Dinner I made this:

Marinated tofu on greens with poppyseed dressing and honeyroasted sunflower seeds. DROOOOL

I marinated the tofu in a combination of honey-dijon mustard and greek dressing. SOUNDS WEIRD, I know. BUT it’s a delicious marinade for tofu, fish, and chicken (i’ve heard ;))

…...continuing with the randomness

My dog is so cute!! BUT is very needy, such a diva (even though he’s a boy)

OH and I saw the last harry potter on thursday at 12:01!! haha WHO ELSE SAW IT ??

This is my backyard. My mom loves to garden and has made it soo beautiful !

This morning for breakfast I made something REALLLLLLY good and creative 😉

chocolate-pb-banana oatmeal (sans actual bananas!)

  • make oatmeal
  • add coco powder 🙂
  • add 1/2 a container of champions banana honey greek yogurt
  • top with pb

How many more random things can I tell you in this post…. lets see!!

I have a sinus infection from allergies, boo!

I have my orientation for UDEL on monday!!!!! (so nervous/excited)

I will be going up to my old overnight camp tomorrow (where I spent 8 summers of my life people!) to see all my old bunk mates…we all still talk and are still best friends!

I get to see Dave in less than 1 week…were going to cape cod. WOOT WOOT!


And there you have it, the random saturday post. Hope you enjoyed it….Oh and no random post would be complete without a random quesiton:

WHAT IS YOUR MANTRA or FAVORITE QUOTE 🙂  i need some enlightenment today 😉


peace, love, and happiness

-Britt ♥


in a nutshell.


This weekend was very busy/ relaxing at the same time. (?) Friday I lounged around, went to the gym and eat good food ( of course) . Saturday I hung out and went to an art show! Today I went to the gym in the morning then to a fathers day brunch, took a long nap, then went shopping and bought food for the week and for a fathers day bbq with me, my mom and dad. I also slept alot because I mayy be getting sick and/or just not sleeping enough, and I ate lots of chobani. haha what a life :  THAT WAS MY WEEKEND IN A NUTSHELL. 

Here are my weekend favorites 🙂

#1 breakfast. chocolate pb oatmeal. 

#1 snack ( must have had this every day this week) I bought organic apples today! it’s totally worth the extra 2 bucks in my opinion 😉

#1 dinner. Got lots of good stuff at the Wegmans salad bar. Who has a wegmans near them???? ISN’T IT AMAZING!

#1 grill food. SALMON KABOBS!!! That was tonight’s dinner. Plus sweet corn on the cobb and shrimp. YUMMM

AND last but not least…THE one the only…


welp gotta get ready for another week as an intern at rodale 🙂 I’m still loving it so thats a good sign! haha

Question: What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?? also What’s the one food staple you eat almost everyday??

have a great sunday night and monday morning!

peace, love, and happiness

Britt ♥

ThE DiRtY DoZeN!!

….. Who knows what the dirty dozen is??? I DO! I’ve been doing alot of reading about organic food and pesticides. WELLLLL the 2011 “dirty dozen”  recently has been released…. guess which is number 1 on the list of foods with the most pesticides and residue.

APPLES: the staple of my day. looks like I’m going to start convincing my family to go organic with AT LEAST apples.

What foods do you buy organic??

MOVING ON  with the day of switching things up since the beginning of the week

sweater and white capris for the “chilly day” (78 degrees)

I got bored in the morning . I actually had EXTRA time which of course I wasn’t going to spend going into work super early. duhhh

Why not play around with the Nikon?

haha okay well enough of THAT.

After driving into work, and only have ONE ,yes ONE cup of coffee, I had some of this ( and no it’s not ground meat haha)

it’s Chocolate oatmeal and pb 🙂 

I did some work and what not, but was still soooooo hungry. sSo I ate half of my afternoon snack. a downside of switching things up

LUNCH TIME!! I eat with all the other interns and we are starting to become friends, which is nice in an office building of intimidating professionals. 😉

salad ( from home), egg-white, feta, and edamame from the caf

After the internship I went to Wednesday SPIN CLASS! It was a hard one but I love it…I admit IM ADDICTED and glad I switched up my work out this week finally 🙂Dinner was boring : sweet potato, chick peas, veggies, bread… blehhh

WELP off to hang and eat dessert and relax , after all ITS SUMMER VACATION :)!! 

peace, love, and happiness

Britt ♥



Long, picture and food filled post? Here Ya GO!!! 😉

Best part of day one on summer break?




I woke up this morning to BENJI jumping up on my bed and giving me kisses…then falling back asleep himself? typical benji.


I thought I’d try a new spin on oats involving 1/2 a vanilla muscle milk

And a packet of plain instant oats

Combine and cook in the wave for 1 min and 30 seconds

AND ….. the result? after pouring some more vanilla deliciousness on top and adding a blob of PB ( of course) :


I HIGHLY recommend doing this. If your not a muscle milk fan, try adding any vanilla flavored milk, vanilla soy, or vanilla almond milk. I’m sure they’ll all give you that strong, sweet flavor that I had this morning. Y.U.M

Today I did some MAJOR spring cleaning. I went through my whole room and threw out junk, old nick-nacks, and old cloths. The closet and drawers were the hardest part. I asked myself if I had worn [the article in question] in the past year…if the answer was no?… AWAY IT WENT! 

EVENTUALLY I got sooooo hungry from luggin boxes of yes’s and no’s around the house…OH and doing about 6+ loads of laundry from all my apparel that I had up at school.

LUNCHTIME was much needed.

Our house was a little bare when it came to food…but sunday is coming soon and that can only mean  TONS of groceries for the  new member of the household andddd the vegetarian and chef and summer vacationer;)

grapefruit with Israeli honey and egg whites with crushed crackers.

I continued the day unpacking, throwing out, cleaning, and organizing….it was VERYYYYYYYY tiring. I’m still not even done! I have alot and I mean ALOT of stuff . But, I am proud of myself…I’m far more than half way done. WOOH!

For dinner ( no pictures sorry). Me, my mom and dad went to our favorite thai food place. I had scallops, shrimp, and veggies in a coconut curry sauce. Plus a salad with their AMAZING orange ginger dressing 🙂 SADLY though, this restaurant is getting more and more popular and they are starting to (gulp) DOWN SIZE PORTIONS ANDDDD CHANGE RECIPES to please bigger crowds faster. WAHHH I hate when restaurants change….if it ain’t broke DON’T FIX IT PLEASE!! ( and especially don’t skimp on my veggies haha)

ANYWAYs I’m off to bed early tonight so I can possibly go to an early yoga class in the morning. I’m having trouble relaxing right off the bat after such a hectic year…but I’ll get there soon 🙂 After all it’s only DAY ONE

peace, love, and calm

-Britt ♥




I eat my oatmeal………

( apple slices, coco powder,almond slices, pb)

IN BED!!!!!!

I get to go DRIVE the gym and do a leisurely work out.

35 mins elliptical

5 mins stair climber


I get to see and cuddle with this guy








I GOT MY HAIR CUT OFF TODAY. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and for some reason today was the day I decided it was a good idea. I got angles down the front which I’m still getting used to but, EEEEEEEE i love it 🙂



What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on a whim????



sick girl quick update

Hello everybody I’m sorry to announce that I’ve been getting pretty sick over the past week.

I’ve been sleeping, skipping the gym, taking antibiotics, and eating lots of soup and oranges.

I probably will be better by the weekend but I’m going to still take the next few days off from blogging just because I’m mostly going to be in bed. haha 😦

TODAY was pretty bad. I skipped my classes and the only thing that got me out of bed was this oatmeal in the morning and some reading material :

Then I went to lunch and had  some fruit, an apple, pb, and cereal….I felt so sick that I lied in bed all day and only got back up again to take a bio test.…… I actually got there early!

So… I sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather we had today 🙂 …but we’re getting SNOW tomorrow???????

Listening to my music calms me down….I’m not a very good sick person I’m more of a go go go person…..

And wearing comfy moccasins never hurt anyone 🙂


After the test I had some dinner ( soup,random veggies, and 1/2 a grapefruit) and ran some errands . Now, I’m heading back to my bed and tomorrow I intend on going to classes but not the gym…..I’m trying to nip this thing in the bud! THEN BRITTFIT will be back 🙂 I promise

In other news  my weekly article is up on HERCAMPUS.COM


QUESTIONS: When your sick do you work out? If not do you feel guilty about not working out? …….Like I said I’m not a very good sick person haha….I miss the gym but I know it’s not what my body (or my lungs) need right now.


Hope everyone else is having a healthy week ! I’ll be back in the swing of things soon♥


What’s wrong with this picture hmm?

Well it’s not the cute outfit or the hair haha….it must be OH WAIT.. the fact that I’m bundling up for class in late MARCH. not cool. It was 30 degrees today 😦 …so I guess you could say it was “cool” HAHA….cheesy joke


I survived the second and final rat dissection this morning! AND I found out a piece of really AMAZING news………

I will be the intern for this summer!!!!!!! I am beyond excited to be a part of the magazine industry because this is the the road to all my goals and dreams for a future career! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

LUNCH was a sick girl bowl of oats and pb, followed by lots and lots (and maybe a little too much) FRUIT and green tea :

Then, I went to class and did a very nice presentation for the class ( if I do say so myself). It was worth 10% of my grade….glad thats’s over with

I did make it to the gym today. I have the type of cold/cough/I don’t know what where I can still do what I need to do … it just drags me down

Working out boosts my immune system and quite frankly my mood. soooooooo

I went to a spin class with some friends. IT was a REALLY REALLY good work out. So, I left the gym with a smile on 😉

DINNER was a simple platter:

carrots, cucumbers, with balsamic, sprinkle cheese, and almond slices. Also, whole grain pesto pasta, with tuna, egg, grilled zucchini, green beans, and I haddddd to have my ketchup tonight 🙂 I also snagged a few Reese’s Piece’s on the way out for a little treat


WELL.. I’m off to do alittle work and slug around. HOPEFULLY I can get to bed early and fight off this cold for the upcoming weekend!


Question: How was your day!? Did you do anything special for yourself? I hope ya did 😉



p.s thank you for all your support yesterday!