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A day in the life

Hello! I swear I’m still here…just being a lackadaisical blogger during my summer vaca… I’m sure you all understand 🙂 Two things I’ve been doing to relax are light candles and reading. Right now I’m finishing up Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

MOVING ON… I’ll give you a taste ( no pun intended HAHA) of the usual day in the life of ME …during an average week.

Wake up. Make Lunch and Breakfast. Get Dressed:

a little black and white pattern mixin’

I think so 😉

Drive to the internship.Breakfast TIME (favorite meal of the day!!!)

I got a new breakfast foooooood. so exciting ! haha

Banana nut vita muffin with peanut butter 

Morning work=  WRITE WRITE WRITE ( check out my new stuff!).


parmesan on fresh tomato and cucumber with…. 

chick peas, pineapple salsa (EAT THIS!) , and raspberry dressing

THEN more writing writing writing. DONE at 4:00.

GYM! 45 mins elliptical and 20 mins bike

HOME. DINNER ( no pic) shrimp stir-fry and toast 

Tonight was special because I bought my ticket over to ENGLAND for December when I will be going to visit DAVE!! ( excited that I’m going…sad that he’s leaving to study abroad for a year)

ANYWAY I’ll be driving down to NC with Dave this weekend..soaking up every last minute of summer break…school seems like its right around the corner. I’ll be transferring to a whole new school….. oh jeeez

Now you can see why I’m relaxing as much as possible right now because I dive into a new life, new friends, new apartment, boyfriend gone, and school work in less than a month…. BUT I’m trying to look at this all in a positive light even it gets tough 😦 🙂 😦 🙂


  • What is your go-to breakfast for on the go???
  • Have you ever transferred somewhere new (either a new school, town, job, ect.) ???? How did you deal!??

Peace, love, happiness



STUPID internet!

I AM SO SORRY to have kept you all waiting on this post, but I was away all weekend at the beach ❤ and then my STUPID INTERNET stopped working!! ….but hey what can you do 😦

This past weekend I went to cape cod with Dave and we had a ton of fun! We did the beach thing for an hour or so (until a thunderstorm hit), then we went parasailing and jet-skiiing … Dave drove the jet-ski, it was such a blast going so fast on the water…except the parts when I feared for my life…not as fun haha


I  went to my internship at Rodale and did intern stuff. OH BTW go here to see all my articles!!  (ignore the first link idn what that is haha). Later on in the day, I went to SPIN CLASS always intense. and kicks my butt BUT i like it 🙂


I’ve noticed that in the lazy days of summer ( before I start worrying about ANYTHING relating to my recent school transfer from UMASS to UDEL) …. It’s the little things that I really appreciate 🙂 … such as:




























INTERN-WEAR. Yay for jeans allowed in the office 🙂

A FULL STOCK OF CHOBANI ( I’m not obsessed……)

MINI SPOONS! …don’t ask: I like eating with  mini silverware for fun?

Having time to read (and liking it!) I’m on my 5th book and let me tell you I am NOT a reader…or WAS not a read until this summer. Now I’m addicted. I just finished FLY AWAY HOME by Jennifer Weiner ….. two words: READ IT. It’s an easy fun witty beach read that you won’t want to put down 🙂

And last but not least……….

the dessert I’ve been enjoying  basically every night this summer …..


All you need is:

  • chocolate pudding ( 1 jell-o cup)
  • Cool whip ( about 2-3 tbsp)
  • Crushed thin preztels
Assemble as you please…and ENJOY in 2 minutes or less 🙂
QUESTIONS: What’s your GO-TO dessert? Do you have dessert every night regardless of your hunger lever? Let me know!





fashion advice and healthy fried rice…

YEP. that’s what I have for ya’ll in this mornings’ post. BUT in case you were wondering… I’m having a really fun summer so far and am FINALLY seeing Dave this weekend up in boston!!

Also, my UDEL transfer student orientation went well….I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT  and actually excited to start school…kind of haha.

Lets get right to the “fashion advice” from the newbie semi-fashionista

so, my advice to you is to embrace summer colors because come winter and fall they just don’t work with the cold weather styles…

AQUA. One of my favorite colors but also a very summery color to wear while you still can!

Here’s my FAVORITE aqua shirt that I own. I got it last summer for a cruise and this spring and summer it’s been a staple in my wardrobe 🙂

Last summer’s cruise: posing with my brother;)

and I wore it to work yesterday with navy capris (wooot woot)


HEALTHY (yes healthy) FRIED RICE!


  • 1/4 an onion, minced
  • 1/4 cup of cooked brown rice 
  • 1/2 cup of egg whites
  • (i didn’t have any in the house but) you can add: peas, chopped carrots, shrimp, or any other fried rice veggies you’d like!
  • (also didn’t have any of this) Sodium free soy sauce or teriyaki sauce * I used lemon juice and butter
(EASY) Steps:
1. Put some evoo or butter into a small pan and cook the onions until brownish

2. Add egg whites and cook until eggs start to form scrambled egg constancy

3. Add rice, sauce, and a little water (if it’s dry)

4. AND BOOM. you got healthy fried riz-ice

…..a little color-less because of my lack of groceries in the house haha but, I will definitely be attempting this again. I served it with flatbread and poppyseed dressing with veggies.

OMG YUM. I love summer. Lucky for me my apartment for next year has a really great kitchen 🙂 so I will not be attempting to invent dishes in the dining halls ever EVER again!! ( come on don’t pretend your not excited) haha

QUESTION: what’s the craziest recipe you’ve come up with when your food options are limited in the house?? (and no, cereal isn’t a crazy recipe ;))

….oh and I may not be back until monday or tuesday 😦 because I’ll be leaving friday for boston 🙂 soooooo hang in there 🙂 😉 🙂


peace, love, happiness