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[ insert witty title here]

…… sorry guys that’s all I could come up with today haha

BUT, boy do I have a great post for ya’ll 😉

Let’s rename this post: THE RANDOMNESS POST.

Things have been very chill lately. Writing articles for basically daily 🙂 go to to see some of my schtuff !

Workouts have been goooooood. I’m really into this whole bring 5 million things to read while on the elliptical ….and I’d have to say it’s working ! Today I did the elliptical for about 1 hour then, abs.

Outfits, I love (and recommend you wear) YELLOW AND NAVY!

very sailor/beach-esk?

Last night for Dinner I made this:

Marinated tofu on greens with poppyseed dressing and honeyroasted sunflower seeds. DROOOOL

I marinated the tofu in a combination of honey-dijon mustard and greek dressing. SOUNDS WEIRD, I know. BUT it’s a delicious marinade for tofu, fish, and chicken (i’ve heard ;))

…...continuing with the randomness

My dog is so cute!! BUT is very needy, such a diva (even though he’s a boy)

OH and I saw the last harry potter on thursday at 12:01!! haha WHO ELSE SAW IT ??

This is my backyard. My mom loves to garden and has made it soo beautiful !

This morning for breakfast I made something REALLLLLLY good and creative 😉

chocolate-pb-banana oatmeal (sans actual bananas!)

  • make oatmeal
  • add coco powder 🙂
  • add 1/2 a container of champions banana honey greek yogurt
  • top with pb

How many more random things can I tell you in this post…. lets see!!

I have a sinus infection from allergies, boo!

I have my orientation for UDEL on monday!!!!! (so nervous/excited)

I will be going up to my old overnight camp tomorrow (where I spent 8 summers of my life people!) to see all my old bunk mates…we all still talk and are still best friends!

I get to see Dave in less than 1 week…were going to cape cod. WOOT WOOT!


And there you have it, the random saturday post. Hope you enjoyed it….Oh and no random post would be complete without a random quesiton:

WHAT IS YOUR MANTRA or FAVORITE QUOTE 🙂  i need some enlightenment today 😉


peace, love, and happiness

-Britt ♥


down with TO-DOs

I’VE BEEN ON STRIKE! This weekend I banned the TO – DO list from my “schedule”. But that’s what weekends are SHOULD BE all about right??

Well, the past few days have been great. It felt really good to do what I wanted and do what truly makes me happy. I’ll be going into my Monday morning with a clean slate and a fresh outlook on my life right now. (If you can’t tell already, I did some reflecting in my free time)  I appreciate my life and the people in my life more and more every time I think about it 🙂


I read my AMAZING BOOK! please get this…it’s a real page-turner

YES. I made a smoothie with the right consistency!

I made it with this….. new Chobani flavor ( for kids) but still REALLY good


THANK YOU EVERYONE for all your smoothie making advice. the frozen banana did the trick!!! now I’ll have actually smooth smoothies for the rest of my life MWAHAHAHHAHA 😉


friday: gym ( elliptical for 50 mins then abs)

saturday: hour long bike ride around town

sunday: SPIN CLASS!!

a rare weekend where I work out everyday…OH WELL not complaining about having free time on my hands!!

Today, after spin my mom and I went out for brunch with my best friend Taylor and her mom. It was so cute and we all laughed basically the whole time as we told stories and gossiped!! o0o0o0o0o0o0o.

I wore this dress with a red tank underneath. American Apparel. SO COMFY. one of my favorite “stores”

After lunch we went…


we bought ALOT of goodies. gotta love shopping with mom 😉

FOR DINNER I MADE TOFU ( if you can’t tell I’ve been having alot of foodie firsts lately!) :

 marinated tofu, salad with corn salsa and veggies. MMM-MMM-MMM

is it weird that I’m excited to go back to work tomorrow? haha guess this good mood is messing with my BRAIN!!!!!!

RANDOM QUESTION: Do you get paid/ or know how to get paid for blogging? How can I get sponsered and/or review products for different companies?? If you’re uncomfortable posting that info in a comment feel free to email me:

OTHER RANDOM  QUESTION: I removed the boarders from my pictures do you like it: YAY OR NAY?? ALSO Would you like my pictures to be smaller?…cuz I can do that too! haha

.n.i.g.h.t.y. .n.i.g.h.t.




– ♥britt♥ –

my friday OFF…

HELLO LOVES. Today was a glorious day. No, the weather wasn’t very good ( a.k.a torrential down pours all day) and no, I didn’t win a million dollars ( boo-hoo). BUT I did have a day off and I used it to my advantage 😉

Before we go on to my Friday lets rewind to Thursday.

the outfit:

The workout: 50 mins elliptical, 10 mins bike, then abs 😉 it was a good one

The dinner:

I HIGHLY recommend trying this combo!!


  • lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber ( or any salad veggies)
  • 5 crushed tortilla chips
  • 3 tablespoons ( or so) of pineapple salsa
  • 1/2 cup of chick peas
  • 3-5 shrimp (cut up)
  • balsamic or italian dressing to taste

I woke to find my new article up on RODALE.COM. Then, came downstairs and watched the TODAY SHOW! ( obsessed but can only watch it on Friday’s 😦 sigh)

I made my VERY first..S.I.A.B: 1/2 a frozen banana, frozen pomegranate and acai berries, 1 container of plain greek yogurt, 1 tsp of vanilla, 2 tbsp of oats, and ice

this newbie needs help: How can I make my smoothie’s  consistency less “icey and chunky” and more smooth ?? Anything besides xanthan gum?

During the day today I did tons of ACTIVITIES!! ( in Step Brothers style)

I blogged, read through old magazines and ripped out pictures and recipes, read my book, and of course chilled with MR. B

I FINALLY assembled a book of the magazine pictures, fashion looks, and recipes I’ve been collecting all year! It came out looking real good..yay organization! haha

I went to the gym and  did: a simple 45 on the elliptical QUITE intense..if i do say so myself. I usually just stick to elliptical, bike, and spinning class for my workouts. I realized why never get bored: I always switch up music and resistance each time 🙂

Dinner was different than my usual combos (FINALLY haha)

tuna with dijon mustard on salad  and a buttered up sweet potato.

Dessert: (not shown) white chocolate and chocolate pudding with cool whip and crushed pretzles….. PLEASE TRY THIS COMBO! haha it’s amazing

My summer’s been treating me REALLY well so far. Mainly because I’ve been RELAXING and doing what I want to do with my free time.  At school this past year I spent so much of my  time stressing out (ALOT) and dealing with some tough stuff. I’m happy to say that I’m finally feeling the way your SUPPOSED to feel on summer vacation. STRESS FREE! I’ll have plenty of time to stress in 2ish months when it’s back to UDEL I go 😉

Hows summer been for you???

peace, love, and hapiness



……….(the only title I could think of today haha)

Package. Recipe. Barbeque.

(creative I KNOW ;)) but, that’s what I got for ya’ll today !!

THE PACKAGE: From MARIA all the way over in the UK!! Thank you sooooo much.  I got an amazing package with TONS of bars, chocolate, tea, and more!

OH YEAH.. DAVE was up this weekend 🙂 we had a good time taste testing everything!

THE RECIPE: While me and dave wanted to feel like we were on vacation… I brainstormed an idea for a HEALTHY (virgin) PINA-COLADA 

  •  pineapple chunks, 1 container of pineapple greek yogurt, about 2 tsp of coconut abstract
  • water and ice
  • BLEND.
  • ENJOY!!!!!
serves two♥                                                                                                         alsdf;lkjsfl;kajsdf;lkjsadl;kfjasl;kfjsal;kfjas;lkklfasj                                  ;slfjasl;kdjfls;akdfjls;akdfjsad;lkfjsadl;kfjsal;kfjsa;lkfj
  THE BBQ: ENTER fourth of JULY!!! 
Classic kabobs and sweet corn (  Ritas ice during fireworks not shown 😉 )
                                                                I had two salmon ones. DELISH.
QUESTION: BEST THING YOU ATE IN THE LAST 24 HOURS? … GO!!!! Mine was  o.i.a.j:!! I’m a first timer here ( if you know what that is ;)) ajksdlfjsalkda;sldkfjsal;dkfjsaldk;fjsdlk;fjsa;ldkfjsa;lk;asldkfjas;ldkfjsl;dkfjsa;dlkfjsa;dlkfjsa;lfkjsa;dlkfjas;flskadjf            PEACE, LOVE, AND HAPPINESS- Britt

The latest craze!!

This summer has been pretty good to me so far. I’ve done alot of fun stuff, I’ve done alot of relaxing, working out, cooking, reading, and writing for RODALE.COM!

Tonight I thought I’d share with you all my most recent obsessions 🙂

1. Tapping into my newly discovered “fashion” sense

2. Chobani yogurt…not exactly new but… EVERY morning without fail, I crave one. At least it’s a healthy obsession and it just tastes so freakin good!!

3. Experimenting with my staple foods. Here  I attempted honey mustard warmed chick peas with honey sunflower seeds and salad. D.E.L.I.S.H

4. APPLES AND CINNAMON!! You must try this … cut up an apple put it in a plastic bag, throw in cinnamon and shake it up 😉

5. My dog benji.  He will ALWAYS be one of my obsessions ♥ haha

6. My latest book: Dreamland by Sara Dessen, I can’t put it down!!!

Question: What have you been obsessed with lately!??? Gimme your top 3 obsessions! 

Have a great night 🙂 peace, love, and happiness

– Britt

in a nutshell.


This weekend was very busy/ relaxing at the same time. (?) Friday I lounged around, went to the gym and eat good food ( of course) . Saturday I hung out and went to an art show! Today I went to the gym in the morning then to a fathers day brunch, took a long nap, then went shopping and bought food for the week and for a fathers day bbq with me, my mom and dad. I also slept alot because I mayy be getting sick and/or just not sleeping enough, and I ate lots of chobani. haha what a life :  THAT WAS MY WEEKEND IN A NUTSHELL. 

Here are my weekend favorites 🙂

#1 breakfast. chocolate pb oatmeal. 

#1 snack ( must have had this every day this week) I bought organic apples today! it’s totally worth the extra 2 bucks in my opinion 😉

#1 dinner. Got lots of good stuff at the Wegmans salad bar. Who has a wegmans near them???? ISN’T IT AMAZING!

#1 grill food. SALMON KABOBS!!! That was tonight’s dinner. Plus sweet corn on the cobb and shrimp. YUMMM

AND last but not least…THE one the only…


welp gotta get ready for another week as an intern at rodale 🙂 I’m still loving it so thats a good sign! haha

Question: What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?? also What’s the one food staple you eat almost everyday??

have a great sunday night and monday morning!

peace, love, and happiness

Britt ♥

Thirsty Thursday?


I figure before I jump into today’s events, I reveal Wednesday’s outfit 🙂 and say that after work on Wed I did an amazing spin class ! workin girl can also WORK IT OUT 😉


(And I’m not thirsty because of what you’re thinking) IT WAS 98 DEGREEs TODAY! SO SO SO HOT…but I also had a very big day ahead of me:

Lets begin in the A.M

wore this dress with a pink sweater


and you’ll soon see why 😉

After getting to the Rodale office, doing my morning research duties, and eating this delish breakfast

(First time trying black-cherry Chobani……WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME HOW GOOD THIS IS!?????? will be repurchasing this product again ;))

THEN, me and one of the staff members got together a video camera and microphone. We headed out to an RD (registered dietitian) lunch and conference. The 40 RD’S from New York City were coming back from a trip to the Rodale Institute (an organic farm/ organic research farm) and after being in the heat they got some air conditioning and a delicious organic spread….

I got a free lunch too! I had some of all the salads and berries. Everything was ridiculously fresh

ANYWAY why was I there? Well! One of my assignments (FOR MY VERY FIRST WEEK!!) was to interview dietitians with questions that website readers wanted to know. Me and the team member switched off filming and asking the questions…this will soon be up on! More updates to follow…..Of course today was very important to me because I am a dietetics major interested in writing. Sooooo all of the the ladies at the lunch basically had my dream job 🙂 haha. Overall, it was a great learning experience and I’m glad I got to have my first practice at a real life event like this.

After work I went to the gym and read my FREE woman’s health mag 😉

I did:

  • 40 on the elliptical
  • 5 on the bike

salmon with feta, greens, veggies, and honey-roasted sunflower seeds ( HIT THE SPOT)….
but not organic.
I’ve been learning so much about the industry and to tell you the truth…am seriously thinking more about the foods I buy and will soon be attempting to buy certain produce items organic. ONCE I have some of my own income ( haha) I hope to buy all organic 🙂
Well, I’m off to watch tv, read my book, RELAX, and have some dessert!
I am pretty sure that my comments are not posting on people’s walls. I have been commenting on alot of blogs lately and have not seen my comments show up even days after……
  • P.L.E.A.S.E  let me know if you’ve seen a comment from me recently (either by comment or email) 
  • Has this ever happened to anyone else? 
  • AND when I try to “enter” between paragraphs …it doesn’t show up in the post ..hence everything is in one big paragraph
Thank you!! 
peace, love, and calm