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Replay Replay

Hello everyone! My last two days (today and yesterday) were basically played out like a broken record …...but not in a bad way!!

 Same morning outfit shot 



Same Breakfast ( chobani, cereal and blueBs)  with black coffee x2. I’m planning on changing that to JUST ONE CUP starting tomorrow. I SWEAR!!!! haha.. I’ll sub the second cup with tea…we’ll see how long this sticks.

today I had vanilla chobani (0o0o0o0o0o0o ahhhhhhhhh)

Fiber one cereal is the standard old-person-cereal, I know, BUT I highly recommend this combo…ITS SO GOOD! Leave it in the bag while your driving to work and the cereal picks up the blueberry taste 😉

During the day, I’ve been LOVING my internship. I do research on various topics such as green living, organic eating, and health! I’m also learning alot. YES it’s a desk job (don’t get me wrong)…but I like learning new things 🙂


 tomatoes,feta, chick peas, and honey-roasted sunflower seeds

YUH-UH-YUMMYYYYYY. get the sunflower seeds. you wont regret it! haha

Mid-day  consists of eating some snacks and going on with my work and research projects ( same snacks both days *GASP*)

after work BOTH DAYS I went to the gym and did:

  • elliptical
  • bike 
  • today abs
  • yesterday arms
THE ONLY THING THAT I DID DIFFERENTLY BOTH NIGHTS…was dinner! which of course I don’t have pictures of 🙂 I’ll get on that for the rest of the week haha…and I had chocolate pudding for dessert with cool whip both nights. I’m not complaining about any of this…I guess I’m a creature of habit. 
HOWEVER, I get bored easily.
Do I plan to switch up the menu tomorrow??…. HECK YES 😉
I ALSO finished the book SARAH’S KEY
My review: I HIGHLY recommend reading this book. It’s about the Holocaust in France. The story straddles between the past and future but by the end they converge! I could not put this book down. It’s very powerful and the way the author writes is very captivating.
What do you do to keep your days interesting and less mundane? Do you like a set schedule ( i.e food, workouts, dinner, nighttime stuff) everyday? 
Fill me in on your do’s and dont’s of everyday life!
Peace, love, and Happiness
P.s my spaces between paragraphs still aren’t showing up down here…help?

enter summer vacation

I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DID you miss me?????

I know BENJI did 🙂 

Today was soooooo hectic. heres a summary of what I did ( and why I will be passing out after this post 🙂 ) haha

8:00 am: woke up drank coffee and watched tv. Snacked on a fruit cup

9:30am Gym for a final work out at my school’s awesome gym 😦 🙂

  • 30 mins precore
  • 12 mins bike
11:00 am Showered, cleaned, had some greek yogurt with coco powder ( yum chocolaty) and waited for my dad!!                                                                                      
12:30 Lunch with my dad ( I had a salad with feta and almonds also some egg whites and salsa and some of my dads ice cream)          
1:30-3:00 PACKING AND LOADING THE CAR: took about seven trips with HEAVY stuff walking up and down stairs…FINALLY FINALLY got everything  in  
Emptied the closet
Put it all in A FEW ( more than this)…boxes and bags.
3-8 OFF TO PA..lots of traffic through Connecticut and New York. BUT WE MADE IT! On the way I had a protein bar and an apple
                                                                                                                                                                 When I came home I unloaded the car ( I’ll start unpacking and doing laundry tomorrow… well as clean my WHOLE ROOM) I snacked on some honey roasted sunflower seeds, apple sauce, carrots, and cool whip.      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I AM SOOO HAPPY TO FINALLY BE ON SUMMER VACATION.
give me some ideas on how to relax.
                  peace, love, and calm
– Britt  

3 down…1 to go… but a BREAK for BREAKFAST!

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I swear I’m still alive and kickin’. So far I’ve taken and organic chem final, nutrition science final, and this morning ( at 8 AM mind you) I took a challenging statistics test. 1 more final lies between me and summer vacation….. more importantly I’ve been trying to stay sane by working out and relaxing at night with Dave 🙂

Work outs: Friday: SPIN CLASS, Saturday: REST , Sunday: 60 mins of cardio, today unplanned REST DAY! woooh. Okay I am addicted to spin class…if there was one that fit into my schedule everyday….I’d be there. IM ADDICTED. Good thing there are alot of classes at my gym at home!!!!

More importantly… after my stats final this morning I went out to breakfast with my two friends Jenna and Steph. The place was called the ESSELON CAFE. An awesome spot for vegan and vegetarian friendly cuisine.

Before the meal…… here are some of my photographs of the flowers at the outside eating area 🙂 ENJOY

AND THE GIRLS! Me, Steph, Jenna


A ridiculously good egg white omelette with feta,spinach,and roasted red peps. PLUS a side salad with their famous balsamic dressing (comes with every meal!). Finally 1 peice of that whole grain bread and black coffee.……perfection.

All this nice weather is making it soo much harder to focus on studying for my LAST EXAM.. biology. ( YAWN) I’m off to go to that…….eventually haha. Tonight I’ll be at the gym then dinner and watching THE EVENT with Dave.

HOME in 4 DAYS!!!

peace and love AND SPRING,


eats of finals week.

HEY THERE I’ve been doing nothing but study study study. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE I am do.n.e with organic chem and nutrition science….YAY! What a day I had today…both of these tests were totally challenging. I managed to take a KILLER spin class in between which helped me let out some anger haha. I’ve also been brainstorming recipe idea’s for summer and I cannot wait to share them with you!! ( once I test them out of course 😉 )

ANYWAY lets rewind to Wednesday. Here are some of my eats during a day of pure studying:

Breakfast…. plain yogurt with honey, 1/2 a grape fruit, grapes, cantaloupe, and sliced almonds……..underneath it all!

Mid-day snack: 1.5 T PB, 1 BANANA AND COCO POWDER MELTED….my favorite invention….pop this in the microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds…and your golden 😉

Then I studied more, ate dinner, went to bed and……..

woke up THIS MORNING for a nutrition test…pre-test I had a protien bar and a coffee…BLACK♥

After that I did that pretty tough spin class and ate lunch….

Here was my Mediterranean-esk salad for my post work out lunch:

various items. I’m sure it’s self-explanatory…except the feta cheese was DELISH!

Eventually took my LAST ORGANIC CHEMISTRY TEST EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!! It was hard. Im not gonna lie..but I tried my best sooo we’ll see the results soon 🙂 fingers crossed

THEN me and my two favorite fellow nutrition majors/chem nerds went out for a celebratory dinner at BERTUCCI’S

we split the roasted veggie appetizer…. which was ( in case you can’t tell) AMAZING.

MY MEAL: The shrimp and scallop torta with cheese, tomoatoes, and whole wheat torte…. AND YES I FINISHED IT ALL AND IT WAS AMAZING! I think I definitely deserved a good night out. I topped off dinner with a chocolate cappuccino ball. ( KISSES FINGERS IN THE AIR) MANIFIK!

Well I’m off to spend a relaxing night watching TV. Then it’s back to studying for statistics tomorrow.1 week till summer!!!!

Oh and I noticed very few of you answered the final quesiton in my last post… so now it’s your only option 🙂


dig’ll make you feel good. Let me know what it i feel good too



And the beat goes on……

Hello!!! I have been just going and going lately. I’ve been so busy with Easter festivities (aka chocolate overload and coma to follow) and school (finals and tests and lab practicals OH MY!)

(picture from easter with my roommate’s family..I’m in the middle of the cousins, roomy to the right! haha)

IM TRYING TO SMILE as much as possible, even though it gets hard with so much on my plate these days….

…..speaking of what’s on my plate ( haha so clever) today I had some really good eats!!


plain greek yogurt with cinnamon and sweetener plus black coffeeeeeee ( addicted)

Lunch: some veggies,egg, chick peas, and salsa

yummmm tomatoes and almonds on a salad……..

need a better look????

After classes…..(I won’t get into the boring nitty-gritty of my day haha) I had a killer gym sesh!!

10 mins elliptical

25 mins precore

20 mins bike


Then I had dinner which isn’t pictured but it was some good stuff…trust me on that..nothing you haven’t seen me eat before 😉 haha

COUNT DOWN TO SUMMER : 18 days! Then relaxation and an amazing internship plus ( if i haven’t said this enough before)…MORE UPDATES AND BETTER PICS FOR THE BLOG!! …get excited here people I get creative when I have time on my hands 🙂

QUESTIONS: What are your plans for summer?? What would you like me to blog about this summer?? IDEAS MUCH NEEDED.

Have an amazing monday night..and relax! OH and watch THE EVENT….thats what I’ll be doing  😉

♥ peace and love,


Boring ole’ Monday

hello people!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend, cuz I know I did ;). After my last post ALOT happened.

I saw practically all of my extended family who live within 1 hour.  Some of us got together and had a really fun time at my brother’s BDAY lunch. We went to a GREAT thai food place…

Heres me and my bro…he came up all the way from OHIO!


That night we had an AMAZING dinner prepared by my mom and Dave (from school) came up for the night too. Me, Brandon’s girlfriend named Ryan, Brandon and Dave played battle of the sexes.. ATTEMPTED to play battle of the sexes haha.

Here’s Brandon and Ryanne in the kitchen before dinner…….

And me and dave on our longgg trip back to UMASS



Today was just another boring Monday. EXCEPT IT WAS IN THE 70’s ..but cloudy…so0o0o0o0o that was a bitter sweet.

For breakfast I literally was so thirsty that I whipped out a WHOLE GRAPE FRUIT and ate it with my black coffee….


Lunch was a …………..SALAD (BIGGGG SURPRISE haha)

( EGGPLANT, tofu, Blushwine dressing, cabbage salsa…)


During stats I got so ansty that I had to go to the gym BEFORE chem… I got a good work out in actually…..

20 on the elliptical

25 on the precore


Then ran into Chem class…really….really….sweaty…. but at least I felt good!haha


QUESTION: Tell me about your weekend? Did you do anything fun? FILL ME IN!


stay tuned for my weekly article posted tomorrow on HERCAMPUS and count down to summer vacation!! INTERNSHIP, RECIPES, GOOD LIGHTING, SUNSHINE AND FUNNNNNN!……..

1 month and counting.







Can I get a MINUTE?

Today was the definition of HECTIC. I didn’t sit down for two seconds unless it was to study for my ORGANIC chem test (that I had tonight at 7)

I started the day off with a bar and OBVIOUSLY coffee to fuel the day of busyness to come…..


Then, after my biolgy class I squeezed in an AWESOME morning gym session

PUMPED UP!!( intense gym shot………haha)

I did:

45 mins on the elliptical

15 mins on the bike

The workout went longer than I expected (not complaining …I was loving it! haha) so, I had lunch on the go :

Chobani,banana,and blueberry smoothie with granola on top. Plus an apple and pb

During the rest of the day I went to two classes then studied studied , and um STUDIED for my chem test.

For dinner I had a mish-mash of food since I was soo freakin nervous!! haha

a salad with egg and veggies, and noodles with veggies and marinara x2 I also had dark chocolate chips with broken up pretzels and yogurt. (such a good combo :))



AND overall I think I did pretty well 🙂 🙂 🙂 …..I’m mostly smiling because it’s over.


right now I’M PACKING FOR THE WEEKEND. I’m going home tomorrow at 7:00 AM and spending the weekend at home with my brother and my family who are all coming to visit. I need this so bad. Mini-vacation anyone? YES. PLEASE.

Keep the questions coming… What do you wanna know about me and my life?… dont be shy 😉