Orange you glad……

……. actually yes I am glad I’m having a great saturday and I’m quite happy about i🙂 haha ( cheesy? yes.) 

I went to yoga this morning then, read some of my book at Starbucks. After that I did a little shopping with my mom and tonight I’ll be cooking dinner then going over to my bff, Taylor’s house.

A very relaxing saturday calls for a fun post..OBVIOUSLY!


carrots. um I’m surprised my skin isn’t turning colors. I eat about one pound of carrots in 5-7 days. yeah thats a food obsession ❤

The orange shirt I wore to work on friday. Orange+navy capris= sailer chic (I think 😉 haha)

KIX with HONEY. WARNING: this is the best cereal ever created and let me tell you I’m not really a cereal person but YOU MUST BUY THIS. thank you that is all 🙂

Orange flower. From my trip to Ohio, but still pretty. It’s been sooo nice outside today; blue skys and pretty flowers all around .. LOVING IT

SOOOOO what’s your favorite color (s)?

Mine are aqua and marigold

Peace, Love, Happiness…. SUMMER VACATION!

-Britt ♥


10 responses to “Orange you glad……

  1. My favorite color is green! But my favorite color combo is green and orange…think an orange tabby cat lying in green grass…beautiful 🙂 Glad you had a great Saturday!

  2. haha Love kix!!! oh my gosh they’re so delicious.
    My favorite color hmmm that’s really hard… I love all colors but I’m biased to pink and yellow. Although my room is mostly brown and cream colors. I’m all over the place 😉

  3. I’ve said so many “orange you glad” knock knock jokes this past week when playing with Michael’s 4 year old nephew. I’d just say the same joke over and over again and he’d crack up every time. But other than that, orange is totally cool. 😉

  4. hahah orange is MY FAV COLOR! so id love to turn into it 🙂 love kix- sooo good!

  5. Orange! That is something I have been eating too much recently. 😉 But I love it so much! I love wearing orange too!

  6. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I love purple and green, but when it comes to food, orange is the best 🙂 I eat so many carrots, it is unreal :)) And your day sounds awesome!

  7. Sailor chic is very in right now :), hope you had a great weekend. Its a long weekend here in canada so even though its technically sunday its pracitcally sat

  8. Orange is my favorite color. It’s the best 🙂

  9. I love orange. Its so vibrant and summery! 🙂

  10. Orange is my favorite color! When i was a senior in high school i begged my mom to let me paint my room orange… love it!

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