STUPID internet!

I AM SO SORRY to have kept you all waiting on this post, but I was away all weekend at the beach ❤ and then my STUPID INTERNET stopped working!! ….but hey what can you do 😦

This past weekend I went to cape cod with Dave and we had a ton of fun! We did the beach thing for an hour or so (until a thunderstorm hit), then we went parasailing and jet-skiiing … Dave drove the jet-ski, it was such a blast going so fast on the water…except the parts when I feared for my life…not as fun haha


I  went to my internship at Rodale and did intern stuff. OH BTW go here to see all my articles!!  (ignore the first link idn what that is haha). Later on in the day, I went to SPIN CLASS always intense. and kicks my butt BUT i like it 🙂


I’ve noticed that in the lazy days of summer ( before I start worrying about ANYTHING relating to my recent school transfer from UMASS to UDEL) …. It’s the little things that I really appreciate 🙂 … such as:




























INTERN-WEAR. Yay for jeans allowed in the office 🙂

A FULL STOCK OF CHOBANI ( I’m not obsessed……)

MINI SPOONS! …don’t ask: I like eating with  mini silverware for fun?

Having time to read (and liking it!) I’m on my 5th book and let me tell you I am NOT a reader…or WAS not a read until this summer. Now I’m addicted. I just finished FLY AWAY HOME by Jennifer Weiner ….. two words: READ IT. It’s an easy fun witty beach read that you won’t want to put down 🙂

And last but not least……….

the dessert I’ve been enjoying  basically every night this summer …..


All you need is:

  • chocolate pudding ( 1 jell-o cup)
  • Cool whip ( about 2-3 tbsp)
  • Crushed thin preztels
Assemble as you please…and ENJOY in 2 minutes or less 🙂
QUESTIONS: What’s your GO-TO dessert? Do you have dessert every night regardless of your hunger lever? Let me know!






11 responses to “STUPID internet!

  1. I’m totally a dessert person! I always need a popsicle, pudding pop, a chocolate rice cake with peanut butter, gingersnaps, or sorbet before I can call it a day. Ha, ha.

  2. GENIUS! Your pretzel savory sweet combo made me DROOL. I would add some vanilla ice cream and call it a day! Your outfit is whoa cute the jeans!

  3. Ack. Internet troubles can be the WORST!! Glad it all got straightened out. 🙂 The dessert looks amazing! Lately, my go-to dessert’s anything involving PB and reddi whip. 😛

  4. Girl, I hear you on internet problems! Don’t even get me started on my apartment complex. 😉

    My go to dessert is fro-yo. LOVE it!

  5. I often have an alpro pot, which is a soya based dessert, kind of like custard. They have lovely flavours (chocolate, caramel, vanilla)- if I am really hungry I would have one with some fruit, or granola too.

  6. oh my goshhhh that pretzel covered chocolate looks delicious! I love your outfit too by the way it’s soo cute! My go to dessert lately has been vitatop muffins! I’m in love with them. I eat them regardless of my hunger level

  7. I love mini spoons! I actually have mini-forks too! That’s great you are enjoying some summer reading, it’s always great to find something new you like doing.

  8. I adore protein ice cream for dessert, preferably the cookies and cream variety! 🙂

  9. I totally love eating with mini spoons and forks too! You’re not alone there. 🙂 So glad you got to spend some time on the beach lately, girl! Sorry about the internet, though. That’s no fun at all.

  10. I love eating with mini spoons and forks!! I always used to borrow them from the girls i nannyed for!! haha

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