……….(the only title I could think of today haha)

Package. Recipe. Barbeque.

(creative I KNOW ;)) but, that’s what I got for ya’ll today !!

THE PACKAGE: From MARIA all the way over in the UK!! Thank you sooooo much.  I got an amazing package with TONS of bars, chocolate, tea, and more!

OH YEAH.. DAVE was up this weekend 🙂 we had a good time taste testing everything!

THE RECIPE: While me and dave wanted to feel like we were on vacation… I brainstormed an idea for a HEALTHY (virgin) PINA-COLADA 

  •  pineapple chunks, 1 container of pineapple greek yogurt, about 2 tsp of coconut abstract
  • water and ice
  • BLEND.
  • ENJOY!!!!!
serves two♥                                                                                                         alsdf;lkjsfl;kajsdf;lkjsadl;kfjasl;kfjsal;kfjas;lkklfasj                                  ;slfjasl;kdjfls;akdfjls;akdfjsad;lkfjsadl;kfjsal;kfjsa;lkfj
  THE BBQ: ENTER fourth of JULY!!! 
Classic kabobs and sweet corn (  Ritas ice during fireworks not shown 😉 )
                                                                I had two salmon ones. DELISH.
QUESTION: BEST THING YOU ATE IN THE LAST 24 HOURS? … GO!!!! Mine was  o.i.a.j:!! I’m a first timer here ( if you know what that is ;)) ajksdlfjsalkda;sldkfjsal;dkfjsaldk;fjsdlk;fjsa;ldkfjsa;lk;asldkfjas;ldkfjsl;dkfjsa;dlkfjsa;dlkfjsa;lfkjsa;dlkfjas;flskadjf            PEACE, LOVE, AND HAPPINESS- Britt

15 responses to “P.R.B.

  1. Wow it looks like that package has some pretty amazing stuff! The best thing I had to eat in the past 24 hours was eggy oats! Breakfasts always seem to be the best thing of the day 🙂

  2. I had an OIAJ too!!! Best thing EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Ohhh how I wish we had a Rita’s ice on the west coast! Best thing I ate in the last 24hrs was my tacooooosalad!

  4. sunshinevegan

    My chocolate oats this morning! Or the dar chocolte+AB I had for a snack, it’s a tie 🙂

  5. Lenna (veganlenna)

    My frozen cherries overnight blended oat smoothie, it was good!
    Virgin pinacolada sounds very good, I used to love that drink 🙂

  6. Yum that pineapple drink looks so good- I will be on the lookout for coconut extract! Glad you liked the parcel 🙂
    Best thing I had yesterday was probably some cherries- maybe a boring answer but they were totally perfect.

  7. Nice package – I love the pina coladas too! so refreshing on a hot day 🙂

  8. Those are some nice kebabs!! And what a great package. I need some of your pina coladas asap!

  9. Best thing I ate in the last 24 hours? Hmmm, probably strawberry shortcake! Ha ha. Not healthy, but SO good!

  10. You’ve got some awesome goodies in your swap! I hope you enjoy them!! 🙂

  11. pawsitivelife

    I had yogen fruz…..first one of the summer

  12. those kabobs look amazing!!! i am totally stealing your virgin pina colada only i am adding in the rum! haha love it!

  13. Ha – I thought your post title at first was PBR. Clearly a beer girl here! The best thing I had lately was either a slice of the hubby’s DiGiorno pizza last night or the pear I just ate with lunch.

  14. Ohh I remember my first beer….I mean OIAJ (get my step brothers reference? Ah silly and delirious on Friday!). Those kebabs look amazing!!

  15. Mmm that pina colada sounds soo good!!

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