check it out.

Benji is a sleeper. I think I’ve been following his lead since I’ve napped more in the past few days than I ever have before!! … Except for Monday and Today ( and the rest of the work week) when 7:05 AM is my wake up call.  LUCKY DOG.

Lets start with “fashion” of the week so far ( yes the quotes are totally necessary)




  • skipped monday ( did weights and crunches  in my room 😉 )
  • Today I did 45 on the elliptical and 17 on the bike. WOOP WOOP!
For my meals and snacks during the day…lets play a game shall we??
Anyway…my dinners have been rediculously boring and random so I decided to save you the eye-sore and skip the pictures until they shape up 😉 I’m so busy everyday at my internship but it’s starting to pay off……..
Enjoy reading that and playing the game.
IT’s OFF TO BOSTON ON THURSDAY FOR ME !!!!!!!!!!! Pictures obviously will follow 🙂
peace, love, and happiness

14 responses to “check it out.

  1. i lovvveee boston! my mom works in the financial district up there so i make a point to go once a year at least! and love that yellow top! where did you get it?!

  2. I always wonder what it’d be like to be a dog or cat and get to sleep all day without a worry in the world except for when they’ll get fed. Lucky duckies!

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    your outfits are soo cute!! & love your eats 🙂 annnd such a presh pic of your puppie

  4. The apples are cut up, the yogurt is a different flavor, chickpeas and strawberries on the salad, and the cereal is different. Those kind of differences?

  5. Lenna (veganlenna)

    That yellow top looks so lovely!! And you meals look good – healthy and colorful, yet dense enough to keep you through the day:)

  6. Love all your outfits! 🙂 Especially the bright and cheery yellow shirt! You’re lovely 🙂

    As is Benji, of course ❤

  7. How exciting for your first published article to be online 🙂
    That lunch looks lovely (well both of them do)

  8. I love your outfits!!! Also congrats on being published! How awesome!

  9. My first dog was named Benji, he was a beagle though. I love the white capris, and they look stellar with the lemon yellow top! I love the spot the differences game 🙂

  10. Great job on the article! That is so cool!

    Have a great time in Boston. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  11. Hello! Just to let you know that I got your parcel today! Thanks so much- I am already in love with the maple pb! Perfect 🙂

  12. Have fun in boston!! My friends just came back from newport. I’ve never been to the east coast, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful!

    You are seriously so fashionable it’s ridiculous. That black & white skirt is ahhhhmazing. I want it!

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