in a nutshell.


This weekend was very busy/ relaxing at the same time. (?) Friday I lounged around, went to the gym and eat good food ( of course) . Saturday I hung out and went to an art show! Today I went to the gym in the morning then to a fathers day brunch, took a long nap, then went shopping and bought food for the week and for a fathers day bbq with me, my mom and dad. I also slept alot because I mayy be getting sick and/or just not sleeping enough, and I ate lots of chobani. haha what a life :  THAT WAS MY WEEKEND IN A NUTSHELL. 

Here are my weekend favorites 🙂

#1 breakfast. chocolate pb oatmeal. 

#1 snack ( must have had this every day this week) I bought organic apples today! it’s totally worth the extra 2 bucks in my opinion 😉

#1 dinner. Got lots of good stuff at the Wegmans salad bar. Who has a wegmans near them???? ISN’T IT AMAZING!

#1 grill food. SALMON KABOBS!!! That was tonight’s dinner. Plus sweet corn on the cobb and shrimp. YUMMM

AND last but not least…THE one the only…


welp gotta get ready for another week as an intern at rodale 🙂 I’m still loving it so thats a good sign! haha

Question: What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?? also What’s the one food staple you eat almost everyday??

have a great sunday night and monday morning!

peace, love, and happiness

Britt ♥


15 responses to “in a nutshell.

  1. Oatmeal and Peanut Butter!!! I had it with Dark Chocolate Powder too!!!!! 😀 Hehe, we must be twins.

    Give your Dad a Happy Father’s Day for me!

  2. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Your weekend sound really good – good eats, art, gym..all the things I enjoy as well:)
    I enjoyed my yesterday´s breakfast – overnight banana oats blended in the morning with frozen raspberries – very berry good 🙂
    I eat oatmeal daily – so it emans I have oats, pb, nuts, banana, cinnamon etc daily 🙂

  3. nanners and pb! everyday when i can!! smiliar to ur pb and apples!

  4. Your weekend sounds fab 🙂
    My fave thing was my homemade bread rolls – I had it with a homemade bean burger and it was delish 🙂

  5. I can’t go a day without a few apples! I love them and find them so refreshing 🙂 Looks like you had a great weekend!

  6. I went to a BBQ at a friends house and she made this great tomato cucumer salad and also some coconut pie that was deeeelish!

  7. aww you and your dad are so cute!! you look freakin adorable in that wegmans pic too! there is one about 35 minutes from my parents place, i might have to go there! my uncle is always raving about it! is it a lot different from whole foods?

    • yeah it’s less organic and local foods. The back half is a big big super market, but the front is a little cafeteria style food court with some yummy stuff

  8. I’ve never seen this dark chocolate powder before….could you show the entire picture of the container? looks sooo delicious and its defintiely something i must find for my post competition meals haha

    Can’t say I had such great foods on the menu but yesterday was carb day so I ate a lot of brown rice!

  9. omg your pb and chocolate oats look so amazing! oh mann i want some right now, welp i know what im having for breakfast tomorrow ; )

  10. I had Indian buffet this weekend and it was yummy. The only problem was that I was left with a food baby.

    I have to eat yogurt every single day. Haven’t had it today, so I will incorporate it into a snack or dinner later on. It helps control my tummy issues. Gotta love those probiotics!

  11. Those kabobs look seriously amazing! I want to come over the next time you grill out, haha!

  12. awww looks like a fun weekend to me! kabobs are the BEST!!! I ❤ grilling out in the summer time!

  13. Wegmans is one of those things not in! I want trader Joes too!!

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