ThE DiRtY DoZeN!!

….. Who knows what the dirty dozen is??? I DO! I’ve been doing alot of reading about organic food and pesticides. WELLLLL the 2011 “dirty dozen”  recently has been released…. guess which is number 1 on the list of foods with the most pesticides and residue.

APPLES: the staple of my day. looks like I’m going to start convincing my family to go organic with AT LEAST apples.

What foods do you buy organic??

MOVING ON  with the day of switching things up since the beginning of the week

sweater and white capris for the “chilly day” (78 degrees)

I got bored in the morning . I actually had EXTRA time which of course I wasn’t going to spend going into work super early. duhhh

Why not play around with the Nikon?

haha okay well enough of THAT.

After driving into work, and only have ONE ,yes ONE cup of coffee, I had some of this ( and no it’s not ground meat haha)

it’s Chocolate oatmeal and pb 🙂 

I did some work and what not, but was still soooooo hungry. sSo I ate half of my afternoon snack. a downside of switching things up

LUNCH TIME!! I eat with all the other interns and we are starting to become friends, which is nice in an office building of intimidating professionals. 😉

salad ( from home), egg-white, feta, and edamame from the caf

After the internship I went to Wednesday SPIN CLASS! It was a hard one but I love it…I admit IM ADDICTED and glad I switched up my work out this week finally 🙂Dinner was boring : sweet potato, chick peas, veggies, bread… blehhh

WELP off to hang and eat dessert and relax , after all ITS SUMMER VACATION :)!! 

peace, love, and happiness

Britt ♥


11 responses to “ThE DiRtY DoZeN!!

  1. Bahah you are so cute, love your camera! I buy everything organic if available except for things that have a protective shell like bananas and oranges. I am anal about the pesticides and don’t mind spending extra to know my goods are clean!

  2. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Yay, I hate that apples are being the Number 1 – I love them and eat tons of them daily, but the organic ones are so darn expensive!!!! Bad list! :))

  3. I always read that anything you eat the skin of, you should get organic as that is where all the pesticides go. So I get organic ones when they are on offer, but not normally.

  4. i shud get organic but my mommaaa never does!!!! i need to force her to! 🙂

  5. You are doing quite well with your routine of working and working out! I always buy organic fruits/veggies…i think they taste better!

  6. Well sweet potatoes are never boring in my opinion… but to each their own! I’m glad you are starting to get to know people. I’m always so scared of new jobs. Luckily I tutor out at the community college which is also where my boyfriend works! It’s a sweet gig (;

    Looks like yummy eats. I love chocolate peanut butter oats. I recently bought dark chocolate PB…. yum!

  7. I love those pictures of you! You are so pretty! 😀

  8. Tina- Vanillandspice

    I try to buy organic as much as I can, but living with three other people who couldn’t care less is hard. Once I’m on my own, it’s full on organic!
    I read that dirty dozen and it creeped me right out.

  9. Glad I don’t like apples haha I don’t buy organic produce anyways. And I love all your cute fun pictures and that amazing oatmeal! My bloggy bff is gorgeous!!

  10. Working in food safety I am little apprehensive when things are labelled ‘organic’ as there are way to many definitions for that word. My wallet prefers non-organic foods too

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