Replay Replay

Hello everyone! My last two days (today and yesterday) were basically played out like a broken record …...but not in a bad way!!

 Same morning outfit shot 



Same Breakfast ( chobani, cereal and blueBs)  with black coffee x2. I’m planning on changing that to JUST ONE CUP starting tomorrow. I SWEAR!!!! haha.. I’ll sub the second cup with tea…we’ll see how long this sticks.

today I had vanilla chobani (0o0o0o0o0o0o ahhhhhhhhh)

Fiber one cereal is the standard old-person-cereal, I know, BUT I highly recommend this combo…ITS SO GOOD! Leave it in the bag while your driving to work and the cereal picks up the blueberry taste 😉

During the day, I’ve been LOVING my internship. I do research on various topics such as green living, organic eating, and health! I’m also learning alot. YES it’s a desk job (don’t get me wrong)…but I like learning new things 🙂


 tomatoes,feta, chick peas, and honey-roasted sunflower seeds

YUH-UH-YUMMYYYYYY. get the sunflower seeds. you wont regret it! haha

Mid-day  consists of eating some snacks and going on with my work and research projects ( same snacks both days *GASP*)

after work BOTH DAYS I went to the gym and did:

  • elliptical
  • bike 
  • today abs
  • yesterday arms
THE ONLY THING THAT I DID DIFFERENTLY BOTH NIGHTS…was dinner! which of course I don’t have pictures of 🙂 I’ll get on that for the rest of the week haha…and I had chocolate pudding for dessert with cool whip both nights. I’m not complaining about any of this…I guess I’m a creature of habit. 
HOWEVER, I get bored easily.
Do I plan to switch up the menu tomorrow??…. HECK YES 😉
I ALSO finished the book SARAH’S KEY
My review: I HIGHLY recommend reading this book. It’s about the Holocaust in France. The story straddles between the past and future but by the end they converge! I could not put this book down. It’s very powerful and the way the author writes is very captivating.
What do you do to keep your days interesting and less mundane? Do you like a set schedule ( i.e food, workouts, dinner, nighttime stuff) everyday? 
Fill me in on your do’s and dont’s of everyday life!
Peace, love, and Happiness
P.s my spaces between paragraphs still aren’t showing up down here…help?

17 responses to “Replay Replay

  1. First off, I love that blazer!! Im looking into to getting some myself, because I really want to start dressing my age lol. I am actually a huge creature of habit. If I know that I like something, I stick to it!! I do have to remind myself to try and switch things up though just to be sure I am getting all my nutrients!! If I eat the same thing everyday, then I start leaving out certain things, which I dont want to do!!

  2. Fiber One is one of my favorite cereals!! I always feel old saying I eat bran flakes, too haha!..but they’re good!

  3. Have you ever tried putting letters between the paragraphs and coloring them white?

  4. The blazer is great and I usually eat the same thing a few times a day because I am lazy lol and because its all I am allowed right now on my eating regimen


  5. When I find something I like, I tend to eat it every day for a few days until I get bored or enamored with something else! Haha!

    Where oh where did you find honey roasted sunflower seeds? They sound delicious!

    I normally don’t plan out my workouts…I kinda like to live on the edge and decide on it sometime during the day or right before I get off work (obviously I’m not a morning workout kind of gal!)

    • they were in the nut and granola section of my super market….check the section of yours where you scoop out nuts and dried fruit and stuff you know??? or i bet they are sold in packaging too!

  6. Hi, I really love your outfits! Where did you buy those trousers? They look so cool and comfy:)
    I need to have set schedule for some things like food, but I like to change my workouts to keep them fun and I like to let the chance play with my daily schedule a bit 🙂

  7. I never mind having the same thing because I like the things I eat, and I tend to have the same thing each Monday, same thing each Tues and so on, as they fit with my routine. I am a routine person!
    That salad looks yummy

  8. If i find something that i really like i tend to do/eat it over and over again until i get sick of it haha. It happens with TV shows, cereal, workouts…I’m trying to add a bit more variation into my life so i don’t get bored of things as quick!
    Love your outfits btw 🙂

  9. No way! Sarah’s Key was the last book I finished; it was about a month or two ago. Very enlightening! By the way, I too am a Fiber One fan. It’s better than it seems!

  10. I love my ‘desk job’ as long as the work varies I dont mind it at all! Plus I get to work in my field which not many people get to do, so I count my blessings

  11. I like keeping a schedule which is probably why I’m pretty boring lol Love your work outfits, way cute!

  12. I need to try that salad… I’m bored with my lunch meals. 🙂

  13. That is my problem, I can be so lame when it comes to what I eat…same old everyday. I am somewhat okay with that. I love structure and routine. The only bad thing about being into a routine is that it stresses me out when I have to break it!

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