Brittany….THE INTERN!

Hello all! So sorry I’ve been lacking in the posting department but it’s for a good reason….

Monday I started my internship at RODALE PRESS! My life has been craziness sooooo why don’t I fill you in!? YES

DAY 1 

The outfit:

this is my professional pose. haha

The first day we got a lot of paperwork filled out, we got orientated to the rules and regulations of the company at the human recourse building. Then we went to the real place where the work gets done. The Rodale press building is BEAUTIFUL, nice and clean, and professional looking. There are three stories, wonderful artwork all over, a library of Rodale books, a cafeteria with organic foods, a gym ( which we can use for free!!!), and tons of friendly employees.

I have my own cubicle desk area, computer, and phone! ( I feel so cool haha)

So far, my daily tasks have been looking up resources, websites, and assisting the editors with whatever they need for RODALE.COM material.

 p.s check out the website daily! It’s great for news about green living, health, fitness, organic food, and alot of other interesting articles!

First night dinner ….

tuna veggies and feta salad with crispy bread



Day 2 outfit

woot woot ready to go!

Today I sat in on my first editors meeting and listened to them talk about interviews and articles and all the happenings behind making this website run.

During the day I sat at my desk and did some website/source searching for the editors and other various tasks. This will probably be my daily doings for the internship but the most interesting part is that I get to find out about all the news in health and environment EVERYDAY! sooooo I’m not complaining 😉

After work I went to the gym (my gym…I’ll try their’s out thursday!) and managed to squeeze out:

  • 50 mins on the elliptical
  • 5 mins on the bike
Yet another long day…but hey I’m a workin’ girl now 😉 haha 
Anyway I hope you all have a good night….OH AND TAKE NOTE OF THE HEALTHY BLOGGER BADGE I RECEIVED TONIGHT!!!!!!!!( right over there on the side) 😉
QUESTIONS: Have you ever had an internship!? What food do you bring to work? Do you pack lunch or snacks? Fill me in 🙂
peace, love, and calm

10 responses to “Brittany….THE INTERN!

  1. I love your professional pose 😛
    Congrats on the internship! You will do grrreat!

  2. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Congrats on such a great internship!!! It seems like such a wonderful experience! You outfits are really cute:)
    To work I usually bring a bunch of fruits and veggies to snack on and then depending on the working hours some kind of sandwich, salad or a “mix-in-it-all-you-have” bowl with rice/millet/quinoa+veggies+tofu+beans/lentils.. But then – we don´t have any organic (or even caffeterie, so I need to bring as much food as I can 🙂

  3. OO i love ur outfits!! and awesomeon the internship AND badge!!

  4. working at an advertising agency i can totally relate! so exciting! i interned at a bank in their marketing department and the advertising agency i landed my job at. so exciting!

    i always pack a lunch! saves money and you can control what you eat! i haven’t had a lunch box in ages and i would be lost without it now!

  5. My sexy blogger bff is rocking in that intern outfit!! I love the Day 1 flowy top on you, I need to get me some of those 🙂 And I pack lunches and snacks everywhere I go lol

  6. awww you look so cute and professional! love it!

  7. Oh your outfits are so cute! I’m glad your internship is off to a good start!

  8. Nice badge!!

    You look so professional 🙂 Glad you are liking it!

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