Yin and Yang

 HELLO LOVES! I’m finally back from Ohio and have settled in and unpacked from my road-trip-filled 2 weeks. This morning, breakfast was chocolate oats with vanilla Chobani 

Chocolate oats: Cook 1 packet of original oatmeal in microwave with water. while hot, add 2 tablespoons of dark chocolate coco powder plus 1/2 packet of sweetener. Let cool a bit, then put the yogurt in the bowl!

(very zen)

 My crazy two weeks of travels are over. Now I’m home for a while…and starting my internship with Rodale press NEXT WEEK.

We had alot of fun in Ohio. We brought Benji along for the 6 hour drive to visit my brother Brandon. It was nice for the whole family to be together and overall it was a great time. We got to do some cool stuff in Cleveland but my favorite part was the CLEVLAND BOTANICAL GARDENS. 

The flowers were beautiful. BUT before I reveal these pictures I must divulge some of my recent thoughts that I’ve been having over the fast few weeks.               I’ve been thinking……. 

Life is about b.a.l.a.n.c.e

Too much stress? Not enough fun? Too much thinking? Not enough calm?

LIFE HAS A WAY of balancing itself out.

This gives you your YIN AND your YANG

HOPING this will happen MAY lead to inner calm……..

….BUT trusting this will happening is comforting enough ( for me) to find some inner calm even when things in my life aren’t going exactly the way I want them to

Right now, my life is having a lot of ups and downs. I find comfort in knowing that life is about balance, YIN AND YANG. Things will work out the way they are supposed to.  THE ONLY THING I have control over is me.

The world will work itself out to balance my life and all I can do is enjoy the good moments everyday and all the amazing people in my life .

Even though everyday is filled with good, bad, and in between moments….

NOTHING is black and white.

There is yin.

There is yang.

There is balance. 

Those are just a few of my thoughts today 🙂 The rest of the day I plan on running some errands and doing a spin class! WOOOOH!

Let me know how you find the balance in your life. 

peace, love, and calm



19 responses to “Yin and Yang

  1. I love the pictures of the flowers, Britt! And that bowl of oats? So cute! Dark chocolate powder is the stuff dreams are made of, seriously. I’ve finished one container MUCH faster than I thought I was going to hahah.

    As for balance, I’m still really trying to figure that out! But one of the ways I’ve found balance in the last week was just giving my body a rest day! My legs were SO sore on Saturday, so I skipped the run I had planned.

  2. Yummy yin and yang oats, love the contrasting colors! My oats never come out so dark but I’ve never added so much cocoa powder before lol I skimp out. I definitely agree with everything you just said, you always have control over yourself and everything will fall into place 🙂

  3. Love this post. I had days where I was anxious about school and life from morning til night. I finally had to stop and look around me and think about how good I have it. I have stopped worrying about where I will be next year and am letting go of the reins (so to speak.) I trust that whatever happens, is what I am meant to be doing. Stressing about things just makes them worse, and makes the days unenjoyable. These past few days of stress free thinking have been so great, I have stopped stressing about the grade I am going to get on my lab final and it has HELPED me to memorize more information now that I have no room for stress! Balance is key.

  4. The Yin Yang oats are soo pretty! Very zen indeed:) Finding balance might be hard in today´s society, but it is woth trying. I try to find my balance in eating vegan meals that are healthy but tasty. I do workouts that are demanding but enjoyable and I sometimes switch them for calm yoga or pilates session. I work and study, but always find time for my friends and family. I spend time with other people but I alway need some time for myself.

  5. Love the chocolate oats! I’ll have to make those this week since I am craving chocolate like mad.

    I actually have been thinking similar thoughts about balance lately. I struggle most with balance between my work life and home life. Love my home life and not my work life so much. I find that meditation, exercising, eating right, and communicating/socializing with those I love helps me find that balance.

    Good luck balancing your ups and downs and finding balance. 🙂

  6. I love this!
    You are so right, even when things get a little wonky life does have a way of balancing itself out somehow.
    Oh, and those oats, stinking cute 🙂

  7. I love this. You’re so right! I had such a terrible school year and now it’s starting to balance back out. It feels amazing. I actually have no idea how to get the balance back in my life but I’m working on it. I need to learn how to change my thoughts. completely weird i know.


    I’m glad that you are striving for balance! 🙂

  9. YES!!!! i love ur yin and yang oats!! i am NOT so balanced! i think life is all about being unbalanced and making it work!! try not to fucs too hard on being balanced becuz its just impossible ! much more fun to just live!

  10. You definitely can’t have yin without yang, yang without yin, or balance without both. 🙂 Love the yin-yang oats!

  11. Ok this must be a stupid question but what is dark chocolate powder and where can I get me some?

    and what is this chobani yogurt you speak of? I have never seen it? is it greek yogurt?


    • haha its not stupid. the chocolate powder is just hershey dark chocolate coco powder and chobani is a REALLY good brand of greek yogurt..you should DEF try it!

  12. LOVE this! i am so bad at balance- but God is good and He teaches me so much through balancing/not balancing! LOVE those oats-chocolate oats RULE

  13. Puppers!!! He is so adorable 🙂 I want a puppy with markings like that so I can call him Phantom, like from phantom of the opera. Its like, my dream lol

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