( flowers in my kitchen…had to get some snap-shots)

I am having a ton of fun with Dave at my house. He’s been here since Wednesday and we’ve been treating my house like a resort!

Here’s  a picture of us at David’s grandparent’s house! Day one of our little roadtrip/vacation.

Dave has been getting pampered by me, “THE CHEF”, who is so excited to have someone else  in the house to cook for. He’s had smoothies, grilled cheese , Thai food ( at LUIS) and this morning I made a special egg sandwich. I had lemon chobani ,almonds, cheerios and we split an orange. 

Then we hung out, I serenaded him with my guitar and vocals ( lucky private concert), and we did a little shopping. He convinced a tentative shopper to purchase a fedora hat..and IM SOOOOOOOO GLAD I did. I can’t wait for it to spruce up my everyday looks 😉

Welp, tomorrow Dave goes back to Massachusetts 😦 😦 :(.  BUT he’ll be back down in a few weeks and I’ll be going up too 🙂 so staying positive there haha♥

Tomorrow it’s a 6 hour drive with my parents and dog to see my brother Brandon in OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you all after this weekend! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY 

peace, love, and calm

-Britt ♥

QUESTION:  Fill me in on your vacation plans for the summer if you have any OR the best vacation you ever had! I’d love to hear


16 responses to “staycation.

  1. Enjoy your time off 🙂 I don’t have any trips planned this summer, but I’m going to Chicago in October, whoop whoop!

  2. what a fun time away girl!!!!! keep LIVING IT UP!

  3. Enjoy your trip to Ohio! 🙂 I love your breakfast with orange, it seems so summer-y! And the flowers are really pretty, I love flowers in my kitchen, always improves my mood whenever I look at them 🙂
    I don´t have much of plans yet, but my best summer was a week in Norway, I still can´t get over it 🙂

  4. This will be the first summer I am not working a part time job! (I’m a teacher so I need some income supplement usually!) I am taking a graduate class but besides that I’m freee! I’m hoping to go to LA in August and lots of randome little day trips too!

  5. I love my eggs that way in the toast! It’s my favorite. Enjoy your time off from school.. and you’re so pretty! I love that hat.
    I don’t have any summer plans but it’s just the beginning. Enjoy your trip!

  6. ahh u look like ur having a BLAST!!!! so jealous girl!!!!!

  7. You are so cute! Looks like you have been having fun!

  8. Best vacay ever was probably my honeymoon with my hubby. Just being able to be with him and relax was incredible. I mean we slepts for almost the entire day when we first got there. We never get to do that at home!

  9. Love your fedora!!

    I’m actually going on semi-permanent vacation in August when I move back to my hometown! YAY!

  10. Fun!!! Hope you’re enjoying your summer break 🙂

  11. Cute picture of you and Dave, you are looking great blogging bff 😀 I’m pretty jealous that you pull off that fedora so well, I bought one and still haven’t worn it haha.

  12. aw look likes ur summer is awesome so far!! and to make it more awesome we will soon have our blogger lunch date sometimes soon hopefully 🙂 best vaca so far.. hmm.. for me it was probably staying at a lake house for a week, theres something so sweet and simple about cooking hot dogs over fire, making smores, jet skiing, and just sleeping on a boat under the sun! all soo goood

  13. Best vacation I’ve ever had is probably the 2 weeks I spent in the Bahamas. This summer I’m going to the Frio River in west Texas and Galveston for my anniversarry with my hubby.

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