Hello! Yesterday started the interesting part of my summer 🙂 haha So far I’ve just been spa-ing around my house, working out ( killer spin class Wednesday and 50 min elliptical yesterday), cooking, and watching tv ( not complaining). BUT Dave and his friend Derek have been road tripping through Nashville and Knoxville and yesterday they made it up to PA!

Me and my friends, Taylor, Meg, and Adrienne decided to make them a dinner party for their arrival. WELL I mostly decided it and recruited their help. haha

On the Menu: Mini grilled cheese and turkey clubs, feta and walnut salad with raspberry vinaigrette, matzo balls soup (as per David’s request haha), and a thin crust pizza. Along with other things like humus and flat bread with cream cheese and cucumber ( which I basically single handily finished myself :))

Here’s some photo’s of the day!

my ladies<3


Benji with no idea what’s going on

being goofy before the boys came …aka trying to calm me down ( I was a bit frantic haha) 

AND then they came! AND HERES the spread 

these photos were taken by taylor because I was running around!!

POST MEAL they all helped to clean 🙂

dave, taylor, derek

Welp, after dinner me and taylor took them on a tour of my town haha, and got RITA’S ICE. MANGO WITH VANILLA CUSTARD. 

RIGHT NOW! The boys are sleeping and I made them blueberry peach muffins. courtesy of THE HUNGRY GIRL COOK BOOK,  which I’m really into right now. THE RECIPES ARE SOOOOOOO EASY AND HEALTHY. big fan.

The week ahead: Dave and Derek are taking me back to Massachusetts with them for Derek’s birthday party. Then I’ll be spending a few day’s at Dave’s house and going to Boston…THEN he’s coming back to PA for a few day’s and by next saturday he’ll leave and I’m going to OHIO to see my brother!! I’ll just be all over the country. haha BUT I WILL BE POSTING ABOUT MY ADVENTURES 😉


Do you get nervous when you have guests? What’s your go-to recipe for entertaining?? DO YOU EVEN LIKE ENTERTAINING LIKE ME!???

have a great weekend.

peace, love, and calm



16 responses to “VISITORS AND ROAD TRIP!!

  1. omgosh! I would have been a nervous wreck! but it looks like everything turned out great. I’m not much of a “hostess” type person so I’m not into the whole entertaining people

  2. Yes, I am always nervous that I will ruin the party, that my recipes will be a failure, that there will be no fun at all… But mostly it turns out great and I enjoy it in the end 🙂 I like to make various spreads, dips, hummus, salads and such, so everyone can take what they like and make their own “snacking plate” 🙂

  3. EYSSS i totally get nervous! u are a pro though!! ahh looks like a blast! im so jealous u r on ur summer vacay!

  4. aw this looks like you had such a great time! i love having cooking parties with the girls!!! good food is the key to a guys heart i know that for sure ❤

  5. I love entertaining! My summer go to recipe is a dessert. Banana strawberry pudding!

  6. That yellow shirt with the belt is SO cute! Like whoa. The little sandwiches were sososo perfect for entertaining and the muffins made me want to claw through my laptop to get one! I am so jealous you have water ice, one of my friends lives in PA and I was able to try some Rita’s when I came to visit. SO good.

  7. I definitely get nervous when having to cook for guests. Even though I know many of them would probably eat dirt and be ok with it (haha)…I still want to make something really tasty for them. It all looks delicious!

  8. Fabulous yellow top, I LOVE IT! Looking hot my bloggy bff 😉
    Love how you whipped out HG to make those muffins 😀

  9. Love the blog!
    What hungry girl recipe are you using?!

  10. I definitely get nervous when I have guests. Your food looked awesome. Those muffins sound delish.

    I love your top and belt–so cute!

  11. We rarely have guests at my house so yes I get nervous. but it always turns out fine.

    Glad you had so much fun 😀

  12. Ah this looks like so much fun!

    I love entertaining guests, but I never do it!

  13. I like to entertain, but yes I get nervous. I always worry if everything will taste ok or if there will be enough food etc. When your friends know you have a blog I feel like they analyze the cooking more. lol.

  14. Love that yellow top!

    Also, I love entertaining, but it can be nerve wracking if it’s the first time to have someone over. We have a group of friends that are over all the time (like last night) so I don’t sweat it with them anymore, but anytime we have someone new in our house I always worry about making the perfect thing and everything being clean, haha!

  15. I hate hosting things, I get too nervous! I prefer to be an attendee (;

    The spread looks great! I’m sure all of it was super delicious (:

  16. pawsitivelife

    Im afraid Im not much of an entertainer..I mcuh rather be entertained! Love your shirt though

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