Let me explain this title. For the past two days I’ve felt like I’m living in a resort or spa……

  • Eating fresh fruit for breakfast
  • Doing awesome work outs and having cleansing gym time
  • Making delicious smoothies
  • Listening to calming rain ( WISH IT WAS SUN! ..but making the best of it)
  • Got a Pedicure
  • Hanging in a clean, zen-ed out room

“ahhhhhhh” so nice.

Yesterday I tried out a recipe from the HUNGRY GIRL cookbook. The only thing I added extra was some chic peas…TAKE A LOOK 🙂

I had two veggies burgers over some greens with feta and sunflower seeds.


Today I woke up, had some fruit and coffee, then went to the gym for a solid workout I did:

  • 45 mins on the elliptical
  • 5 mins yoga/stretching 

once again….  “ahhhhhhhh”

Then I got a pedicure.

heres the deal with these tootsies: I first chose a pastel light green. Then, the lady doing my toes recommended I put some of that shatter silver stuff on them. NO SHATTER SEEN HERE! Now I have silver toes 😦 guess I’ll live with it haha.

OH AND I invented another microwave miracle recipe! Besides my banana-pb melt, I now present to you the carrot-apple-pb-melt!( sensing a theme here?)

basically …. cut up 1 apple and break 10-15 baby carrots in two. Put 2 T of pb throughout the mixture then microwave for about 50 seconds!

I recommend eating a piece of carrot and apple together in every bite.

The rest of today I sat in this same spot, watched tv,  and read magazines. Say it with me now “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

hey there!

I also hung out with this little guy. 🙂 

Let’s switch things up……. “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”

What do you do when you give yourself a spa day!???

Hope Tuesday is treating you well!

peace, love, and calm



15 responses to “ahhhhh

  1. YAY sounds like are in PARADISE!! i love pedicures! ur toes look great- what u talking bout!

  2. looove the polish! =) and yay for veggie burgers! ive never tried any hungry girl recipes!

  3. Dang you I wish that’s how my life was right now! 6 more days of school then I’m hoping for some r&r like this!

  4. I actually like the polish!!! It’s a good mix… I’ve been hearing WAY to much rain. Where is the sun!?!

  5. Yum love the veggie burger. I have 2 Hungry Girl books and still haven’t made much!! 😦 I gotta get on it 😀

  6. Awww, I LOVE spa days! 🙂 I have a spa weekend coming up, and I CAN’T wait!!!

  7. Ahhh! Sounds relaxing. 😉

    I would LOVE to get a pedicure, but my feet are so torn up from running that I think I would scare the poor person doing my feet! Haha! 😉

  8. Well, that really sounds like “ahhhhhhhhhh” :)) You are such a lucky girl to enjoy such a great time, but you really deserve it! I am still waiting for my holiday…

  9. Sounds PERFECT! I love a good day of relaxation!

  10. pawsitivelife

    I love spa days, I would just lounge in the tub with a book, followed by bed with a movie and of course smoothies thats a must!

  11. you sound like you’re enjoying relaxation. Oddly enough we have a blue sky right now….with thunder clouds in the background.
    I need a new pedicure, it’s been a year….
    I like using HG recipes as a jumping off point, for sure.

  12. Enjoy relaxing! I love a good spa day 🙂

  13. Puppers!!! Glad you are having a relaxing time girl, you deserve it!! I’ve never had carrots and pb, I’m nervous to try it!

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