killing time…just sitting around…FLORIDA BOUND (tomorrow)

Like the long title? I thought it was cute. haha Let me  give you all the low down of what’s going on with me today. To make a long story short: I purchased my plane ticket for Florida before I knew the dorms closed at 6pm Friday night ( tonight). Well …I was set to be picked up tomorrow at 6am. Luckily I have a friend who is letting me house- sit for the night. I’m having alot of fun …all alone…in a creaky…old…house…AHHHHHH! I’m going to try to to go to bed EXTRA early to avoid 1. being scared hehe 😉 2. being bored. 3…because I will be waking up at 5:30!!!!

TODAY: along with the whole friday saturday mix up…my classes were canceled after I bought my ticket too….soooooo I basically had the day off 🙂 minus chem class

I woke up late and helped myself to an amazinggggg brunch.

strawberries and cream oatmeal: 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt, plain oatmeal, strawberries and 1 tablespoon of Pb 🙂 …and black coffee

I had this too because brunch counts for two meals right? haha… some plain yogurt,honey,jam, pb, strawberries, and a sprinkle of granola.


THEN, I went to the gym…and I basically had the place to myself soooo naturally I took a picture:

remind me never to eat even an hour before the gym… I had a good workout but it was cut short for….unforeseen stomach issues 😉

I did:

30 mins precore

8 mins bike

2 laps around the track ……… done.

After the gym I walked over in the SUNSHINE. to organic chem class….. we went over the test… and I got… A!!!!!!! I wouldn’t lie to you about this people…..HARD HARD HARRDDDD WORK and TIME MANAGEMENT …pays. off. it’s just the way the world works.

Later on today I ate dinner….alone 😦 haha

a salad with: egg whites, feta, tomato, and chick peas. a platter with ratatouille, cauliflower, carrots and grapes. Followed by more yummy ratatouille plus a few noodles.

I came back to my friends house after I ate and I helped myself ( SHE SAID IT WAS OKAY! hehe..really she did haha) to: a few dark chocolate covered espresso beans and two spoons of frosting. YUM.

I notice myself over eating out of boredom or stress a lot lately…. hopefully FLORIDA will help me calm down and I can come back to school with a clear head.

I believe in intuitive eating and when I practice that I JUST FEEL GOOD… however it is hard to sit and breathe and expereince a meal when there are a million things running through my brain. BUT there’s always next week … I need to be more easy on myself. this week….WAS HARD!

Okay enough with the ranting 😉

QUESTIONS: How do you deal with stressful times in your life? Do they change your eating patterns? Do you believe in intuitive eating?… I’m kindof half and half. Sometimes I think there are other ways to deal with stress than to eat, but other times a little chocolate couldn’t hurt 🙂


It’s all about balance AND taking breaks…

…. AND FLORIDA ( hehe)….luckily I’ll be going THERE tomorrow to get my head back on strait and get back to intuative eating and feeling rejuvinated 😉




19 responses to “killing time…just sitting around…FLORIDA BOUND (tomorrow)

  1. Cara Craves...

    Safe travels!
    Have a super time…you deserve it.
    Congrats on the test mark.

  2. I’m a major stress eater! Ugh, I need to work on that.

    Have a good time in Florida!

  3. When I have stressful times in my life, I go to the people that know me best and who will love and support me through it. AND I also indulge in a few comforts, like reading magazines, eating ice cream, and drinking chai lattes :D.

    p.s. cute picture of you at the gym!

  4. I love that shade of green on you!! It flatters you so well! 😀

    I do believe in intuitive eating. We’re born intuitive eaters! Babies are never afriad to let you know they are hungry. Little children seem to always listen to their bodies. They eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. 🙂 It can be hard to listen to our bodies. But I know that as I continually listen to my body, it can become easier to hear the promptings my body gives me. 🙂

    Enjoy your trip! 😀

  5. Loving your blog! Brunch looks delicious. Intuitive eating can definitely be hard but I agree- I feel soo much better when I do.
    Enjoy Florida!!

  6. LOVE your brunch!!! i HATE taht full feeling for a workout though! no fun!.. i sometimes stress eat or undereat- or sometimes i just dont turn to food at all and exercise is a release!

  7. I think stress definitely affects how I eat. If I’m stressed I usually don’t have as much time to cook or meal plan so I always feel like my eating is off, then I’m more likely to eat more sweets. Have fun in Florida. I miss having a Spring Break!

  8. Yayyy! Enjoy your time in Flo ridaaaa! I think it will be just what you need to unwind and relax!

  9. Have fun in Florida!! I dont typically stress eat, but I totally do eat when Im bored. At night is the worst for me, so Ive been trying to up my food intake during the day so that I dont even have a twinge of hunger at night!! Either that or I need to chew gum lol

  10. SO jealous you’re going to florida =) say hi to my fam and friends for me! haha! and enjoy!!!!!!!!!

    congrats on your A!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Congrats on your A!

    Enjoy Florida! I know it helped me feel less stressed when we were there last month.

  12. Love the idea with strawberries and cream oatmeal, I’m going to have to try that one!! Hope you’re having a fabulous time in Florida!!!

  13. Stressful times really upset my stomach! Like, really. I still eat the same, but nothing ever settles. I feel ya girl! Good luck de-stressing 🙂

  14. Are you having fun? The weather is nice!! 😀

    • yes aren’t you just loving it too!? i have internet but its only on my grandmothers desktop..i took some pretty pictures can’t wait for you to see them!

  15. So jealous-the rest of my fam are in Florida right now and i’m stuck at home!!!! Enjoy!!!!

  16. Have fun in Florriddaaa!!! 😀 As if you need good luck with that. 😉
    I love going to the gym when the town’s empty after break begins- there were a total of 3 people there this morning (including the worker!)

  17. YAY! FLORIDA!! Have SO much fun!!!

    Cute gym pic! I definitely don’t look that cute when I work out, haha!

    And a HUGE congrats on your A! And hooray for SUNSHINE! 🙂

  18. I’m so jealous that you’re in Florida! 😉 I hope it’s been fun!

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