death by molecules

GOOOOOOOOOOD EVENING! I have survived my second ORGANIC CHEM TEST….. so there was no “death by molecules” for me tonight 🙂 haha

The day started off with a protein bar and black hazelnut coffee

AND some pictures of be being bored before classes…..

…….MOVING ON……….. haha

LUNCH: a little disapointing

a sad-fiesta salad: beans,sour cream,veggies,parmesan,and salsa

1/2 of that apple ( not soo good) grapes, a small piece of cod, and some eggplant

THEN I went to STATS class and CHEM class and then the rest of my day looked like this……

gray and chemistry filled…. yep.


plain yogurt, Kix, Wheaties, a little strawberries preserves, pb, banana, fruit, carrots, NERVOUSNESS!

dessert was: chocolate soy milk with more cereal and pb


here were my supplies……

gum and a pencil and one behind my ear……

AND ……

I THINK I DID WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOH! Let me tell you …hard work  pays off… but REALLY HARD WORK. REALLY PAYS OFF 🙂

two things left until florida:

1. I have to disect a rat tomorrow morning..which I am VERY VERY unhappy with. If I don’t do it I don’t pass. GAHHHH!

2. Take my nutrition sciences midterm



QUESTION: Do you plan out your meals? Or just eat whatever you feel like in that moment? Maybe a combination of both??


Do you like my blog??? If so… ADD ME TO YOUR BLOGROLL please 😉 nighty night


15 responses to “death by molecules

  1. Glad you did well!!!! I hated orgo with such a passion lol And I am a definite meal planner. I would plan the day before if my iphone app would let me. And yay you’re almost here! Too bad your not coming to Miami 😥

  2. ughh I wish! I’ll be with all the old folks in boca…but hey florida is florida!

  3. I’m taking some of your good test mojo with me to my huge test on Saturday! 😀

  4. Ewww, I would never want to dissect an animal 😦 We dissected cow’s eyeballs in elementary school and it was SO gross!!

  5. Cara Craves...

    Looks like your fueled yourself well before the test!
    What are you studying in school?

  6. WOOHOO!!! i love weird dinners :D.. good luck on your next midterm! i dont really plan- ill have something in mind liek a wrap but i dont plan what im putting in it and stuff and soemtimes things change!

  7. OMG disect a rat!?!?!?! let us know how that goes!!
    Enjoy florida 🙂 i’ll be there too!

  8. Glad you did well on your exam! 😀 Have fun in Florida!

  9. Sounds like you did great girlie! It is always such a great feeling knowing that all your studying and hard work has paid off!! Have a great trip!

  10. Oh gah, I hated organic chem with a passion- especially org. II. First day, my professor stated that he made it his GOAL to fail 60% of the class…which he could do thanks to tenure. And he did. -_-

  11. I actually enjoy Chemistry. I understand it, so I don’t have anything against it. Though I’m sorry about the dissection. Those kind of things are hard for me too.


  12. Yayyy!!!!! Glad you showed the test who is boss! MAN I hated that class!

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