you gotta do what you gotta do…


Hello! Happy saturday afternoon 🙂

A quick update of my friday:

I had classes

Went to the gym

Ate dinner and got ready

Then went out dancing for hours and hours! It was a blast but I am soooooo sore today ……dancing is a WORK OUT!

This morning I woke up STARVING. I had this yumm bowl of oatmeal with walnuts,pb,vanilla yogurt,and fruit. I ended up having about 1.5 more bowls of this mixture. HUNGRY GIRL this morning worked up a  SWEAT on the dance floor..awwww yeahhhh! haha but, I was surprised to see how much sugar is in vanilla yogurt….more than a daily recommended serving of sugar in 1 cup! I hope next time they have plain yogurt out. *sigh* haha

ANYWAY last night was basically my last night of freedom because starting today I have so much school work and midterms to take care of. They are just taking over my life!

Not mentioning any names here……..but…..

second test on Wednesday……(* BITES NAILS*)


Well I’m off to do some statistics and then head to the gym for a long ride on the stationary bike 🙂

I’ll be staying in tonight to do more work work work 😦


HOWEVER…….I go to Florida in 1 week! THAT’S MY MOTIVATION HERE. I’m picturing myself by the pool with a Chobani yogurt reading my Chelsea Handler book (…which I won’t be able to pick up until at least thursday night…  and maybe tomorrow night if I can catch  a break)


Is your life just crazy right now?  What do you do to cope with it all?? I have a feeling a lot of meditation and green tea will be happening for me this week haha


p.s SSD (spring slim down) week 2 was semi-successful, I’ve been to the gym almost everyday and I’m eating well too! One problem I’ve noticed is hidden sugar in the foods I eat… the problem is that I can’t always check the labels since I eat in the dining hall.  ANY ADVICE or TIPS?

p.s.s NEXT WEEK I plan on eating a clean diet for the days leading up to Florida ( more details to follow) maybe that will help with access sugar intake? hmmm.. STAY TUNED!



9 responses to “you gotta do what you gotta do…

  1. Good job! I’m going to Florida on Friday! I’m going to try and do no carbs after noon and lots of veggies!!

  2. Yummy oats! and yay you’re coming coming to Florida 🙂 Are you staying in Miami?

  3. So exciting that you get to go to Florida! You sound so busy- it will be good for you to relax 🙂

  4. YAY for clean eating! 😀

    Your oats sound fabulous! I had oatmeal for both breakfast and dinner today! 😉 They were so delicious!


  5. oo maybe your dinin hall has nutrition info online?? ahh so sorry about all your work! but you’re right.. think of spring break!

  6. what helps me is loooots of hot showers, long bubble baths with a glass of cold wine, reading books, and drinking soooo muuuuch comforting hot tea and fizzy kombucha! =) working out really ZENs me out to =)

    ahhh florida is sooo close! ❤ you've got this!

  7. Oh, dancing is such a workout! People have no idea. 😛 I work up a sweat and am exhausted at the end of dance. Way to go with your goals. 🙂

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