blogger bliss and blunders

This morning I woke up feeling blissful……. BLUEBERRY BLISSful, that is 😉  I enjoyed this Luna Bar with some hazelnut black coffee in the a.m. I AM JUST LOVING MY LUNAs!

…..but, I cannot wait for spring/summer so that I can kick back and enjoy a yogurt bowl….. just wait for all my creations when I have time in the morning mwahaha ( evil laugh )

Lunch was small and satisfying today… ( notice the great lighting..thats another thing I can’t wait for on break….free time to take good pictures woooh 🙂 ):

a spinach, balsamic,pecan, and sunflower seed salad

a yummmyyyyy platter of egg whties and ketchup, tomatoes and pesto, cottage cheese,a little rice, and veggies veggies veggies.

During the day today I rediscovered my love of GREEN TEA. I had two cups and an apple during my stats and chemistry classes. I think I’m going to start drinking more green tea….maybe I’ll see some of the benefits that are advertised well….everywhere!

AT THE GYM: feeling very sluggish at first, my workout moved towards the “NO FEEL ZONE”.. aka I was unstoppable!!!!!!!!!

…EXCEPT I wore shorts that made me a little less than eager to sweat any more past the 1 hour mark 😉 Has that ever happened to you?…Has clothing choice ever impeded on your workout?…. (***BLUSH***)

I did:

25 mins on the precore

12 mins of running ( yes I attempted to run…tips on how to become a “runner” anyone?)

15 minutes on the bike

Abs and stretches



Dinner was HUGE: One of my goals for my Spring Slim Down was to try and not overstuff myself. Tonight I did just that 😦 and while it is that time of the month…. I realize that in any workout/diet/life challenge you have to accept that there will be slip ups! I ate nothing unhealthy…but too much too fast (my usual nemesis)…ON THE BRIGHT SIDE I’ve only had this happen to me a very few times since starting my goal of not eating past the point of over-fullness….. and hey at least the meal was good 🙂 THERES ALWAYS TOMORROW.

Ironically I only have one picture of this meal haha, but I had: A salsa,corn,tuna,veggie,sour cream, small dab of guacamole, veggie-FIESTA SALAD…..two plates of it. Plus some chocolate soy milk, grapes, cantaloupe, and a small handful of m&ms.

YUM and OUCH..but mostly YUM 🙂

Anyway tonight I’m giving myself a break from homework to catch up on blogs and start my new book… a bit of comedic relief…” ARE YOU THERE VODKA? IT’S ME CHELSEA”. I’ll let you all know how it goes 🙂


Welp, nighty night♥


9 responses to “blogger bliss and blunders

  1. I absolutely love the pic of you with the Luna Bar… totally adorbs! 😀

  2. AHAHAH that book sounds hilarious!! oo never tried a luna bar before!! your dinner although you say it was too filling- looks AMAZING

  3. I eat really fast too, so I usually end up eating way past the point of fullness!

  4. you’ve inspired me to run into the kitchen and make a giant britt style salad for lunch! yesss! love ya chickadee! thank youuuuuu ❤

  5. I’ve wanted to read that – I think Chelsey is hilarious so I’d probably love it!

  6. It all looks so good! I love Luna Bars .

  7. YAY for Blueberries! 😀


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