Watered down day.

Today was a wash out. It poured all. day. long! But, maybe I needed it since I’ve been feeling super dehydrated yesterday and today.

I had some black coffee, water, and an oatmeal raison Luna bar ( classic goodness)

I also had to spend all day walking around in these:

yes they are cute and YES THEY ARE UNCOMFORTABLE. haha


At lunch my appetite kicked in with gusto ( like the wind outside )


a platter of tofu, ketchup, veggies, cheese, and grapes

a small salad with walnuts, veggies, and sun dried tomatoes….. I clearly needing something more filling so… I ended up dumping this salad onto my finished platter plate and added more tofu, some egg whites, and water chestnuts plus more grapes and some green tea 🙂 ahh satisfaction

I can’t explain my metabolism today but hey…I’m listening to my body and it’s saying eat, so I’m not complaining 😉

Anyway I had a great gym sesh as I  attempted to read the new SHAPE magazine, but was more into my music. Today’s music playlist consisted of cheesy girl songs…YEAH GIRL POWER!

I did:

45 min on the elliptical

5 mins on the bike

about 15 mins on the precore

Abs– frog leg style. ( I’ll post a how-to on this kind of ab work out when I get a chance )

DINNER was very GREEK!

( sorry for the bad lighting…there was a dance party in my dining commons tonight… yes a dance party)

ANYWAY I had: salmon, veggies, with a sprinkle of pine nuts, almond slices, and sunflower seeds, plus balsamic. Dessert was: plain yogurt with honey, almond slices, and grapes. My crazy appetite today led me to then consume: 1.5 apples, 1 T of pb, more yogurt and more grapes.

AHHHHHHHHH. hungry hungry brittany.

I probably consumed more calories than usual today, but I felt like I needed them. Which brings me to my Question of the day:

how do you feel about counting calories or what about keeping a food journal…if your not dieting? What are your experiences with this.. I’d like to know!

I have a habit of counting calories some days which I’m trying to stop because I think it forms an unhealthy mindset about food. And it associates a number and an allowance for what you “can” enjoy and what you “can’t”. I do however think it’s a good idea to keep a food journal of what you eat or at least remember things you’ve eaten throughout the day to form a well balanced diet.

I’m not lying about being sooooo thirsty. See this jug? It was done in one night yesterday. And it’s about to be gone again tonight! ( MmMmM lemon water)


Goodnight from a no longer thirsty or hungry Britt


p.s bigger pictures..yay or nay?



7 responses to “Watered down day.

  1. Your rain boots are SO cute! I wish it rained more here so I would have an excuse to buy some- but then I would have to deal with the rain, ugh!

  2. YAY to big pictures!

    I strive to listen to my body. If it says its hungry, I feed it. If its not hungry, then I don’t. I strive to be intune with my body. I don’t count calories, but I am aware of them. It’s not good to be ignorant, but it’s not good to be obesessed either. Sounds like you have the right midset! 🙂


  3. I am loving those rain boots!!! So cute!!!

  4. I WAS SO HANGRY too yesterday!! maybe it was a last day of the month thing 😉
    i dont count calories but i do think its important to try it like once for a day just to see if you are around where you should be!

  5. Ahh! Love those rainboots! 🙂

  6. Love the greek dinner 🙂 And I am an avid calorie counter. I count calories for all meals, everyday. I’ve been doing this for about 1 year now and it works for me. Some people can’t dedicate their time and it leaves them frustrated and flustered. I love doing it, I think it’s fun and I genuinely enjoy it. I have a healthy relationship with food and if i go over then i go over and that’s the end of it. If you let it consume ur life it will. It’s all about moderation and whatever works for you. You could always try it for one week and see how it goes. If it’s not for you then just rely on cravings and ur own body

    • I count calories more days than not but I’ve always felt guilty about it for some reason….. I like your views though I never thought of it that way!

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