weekend ups and downs

Hello everyone…Happy sunday

This weekend was full of activity for me I had a very fun filled weekend by night, and by day I was in a pile school work. Lots of up and downs…but hey thats LIFE.

Here are my highlight eats for SATURDAY :

An amazing bowl of oats: banana,pb,walnuts,applesauce

GYM session included:

30 mins elliptical

15 precore

AND Dinner:

salad with feta and templeh (is that what it’s called??) and  a platter of egg whites,halibut, root vegetables and ketchup. HIT. THE. SPOT.

Last night I had alot of fun with my friends. We decided to go out and IT SNOWED! But, we didn’t let that phase us we still had a really good time…. I mean a WICKED good time ( gotta stick my the Massechusettes language…everyone says WICKED here)


lots of fruit with honey and cottage cheese to dip, of course.

AND OATS with Pb, jam, and honey ( duhhhhhhhh 😉 )

one of my best bowls to DATE! There’s a funny story that goes along with this bowl. As I was putting some honey on the second half of the bowl ( it was too plain) I go to squeeze some from a clear ketchup-like-bottle and the whole lid falls off into my bowl! I awkwardly took the lid out and put it back hoping nobody saw, then as I turned around to make a run for it I ran into the LINE OF PEOPLE waiting behind me……SOOOO AWKWARD. haha

Todays agenda: homework, homework, some form of light physical activity haha :), study, bed.

2 weeks until florida/spring break! AND week one of my Spring-Slim-Down *******SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!****** ( cue confetti and balloons falling)


Random thoughts and questions:

I’ve been feeling like my daily activities have been getting repetitive. I like what I do actually, I love what I do, but sometimes the monotony of it all gets boring. I’ve been trying to include something different or special into my days so that I don’t feel like I’m stuck with the same old routine.

Also, lately I’ve been feeling a lack of self confidence and then I realized that soo many women struggle with the same thing. I also realized that there is no one day where I’ll ever finally feel confident for the rest of my life and never doubt myself ever again. BUT knowing that life is full of UPS AND DOWNS makes me feel better because when I’m down, I know soon Ill be right back up again!

WELP thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you …..now  tell me what you think!

What do you do to switch things up in your life?? How do you make yourself feel confident??





12 responses to “weekend ups and downs

  1. Oh girl, you’re right – we all have days like that were we’re self conscious. But seriously… you are gorgeous. So beautiful. Hope this doesn’t come across as creepy coming from someone you’ve never met, but you really are stunning! Don’t forget it. 🙂

  2. oh gosh.. confidence is SO up and down for me.. one day ill be so happy with myself and the next ill be kickin myself.. ! i just try to focus on other things when im feeling down.. go out with friends and do something totally new!

  3. Oats with PB Jam & Honey sounds so tasty!! I always feel better after I’ve worked out (note “after” haha) or if I’ve bought a new outfit to wear 🙂

  4. Girl you are SO pretty… I definitely struggle with self esteem sometimes :/ keep your chin up and remember you are beautiful and have so much to offer! ❤


  5. I love your combination of banana, walnuts, and peanut butter!!! 😀 It sounds fabulous!

    You are gorgeous!!! 😀 Hehe, I look in the mirror and say “Hello Gorgeous!” 😀 If I start thinking negative thoughts, like “I hate my thighs,” then I replace them with positive ones, like “I love my eyes!”


  6. Fantastic meals as always, your bowls of oatmeal make me drool 🙂 And I totally get you with feeling bored with routines. Since I graduated school I honestly have nothing to do so I’m bored and it tends to feel weird. Just trying to keep busy with random things. Definitely have a day to yourself and just think of all the good things you have in your life. Always makes me feel better 🙂

  7. Mm…your meals look delish and you are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Treat yourself to a mani/pedi or massage-always fixes a mood!

  8. britt you’re an oats machine!!! hehe come whip me up a bowl! ❤

  9. I definitely have confidence issues! We’ve all been there. I hope you’re feeling more confident today- you should!!

  10. I totally have confidence issues girl, a lot of us girls do! But we have our ups and downs. The most important thing is to remember who you really are, and how amazing you are!! Those around you who love you will tell you the same 🙂

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