A Plethora

Today was a day of PLETHORAS. Breakfast was a LUNA BAR, chosen from my plethora of luna bar choices.

After class, lunch was a plethora of protein packed food

egg whites,tofu,edamame :), veggies, a side salad, and a little tuna


After chem and stats class I had a plethora of sweat on my face after this gym sesh:

45 mins on the precore

sides and arms with a 10 pound weight


Then, dinner was a plethora of well….good food? haha YEP

FIESTA SALAD with salsa, black beans,veggies, and shredded cheese

AND (not a very good picture of): a small piece salmon and roasted veggies…followed by a small pear

I ALSO HAVE PLETHORA OF TESTS for the next 3 weeks until spring break. Tonight’s agenda? STUDY FOR BIOLOGY TEST,which includes a FREAKIN PLETHORA of terms to memorize. 😦 wahh

Also, the Spring fake-out-warm-weather-front that happened last week here in Massachusetts is LONG GONE…it’s still cold… double  wahh 😦 😦

On the bright side: I’ll be getting to bed early tonight AND day one of my SSD ( spring slim down) was a success!




Oh and I  have a QUESTION for you all: What are your thoughts/experiences with Luna bars for weight loss or nutrition bars? I know there is alot of controversy about these bars ( i.e sugar and carb content..) WHAT DO YOU THINK????



10 responses to “A Plethora

  1. i’m a lover of all things lara bars:) I’m not a huge fan of using bars as weightloss/nutrition tools since although nutrient dense, they’re such small portion sizes, I do not get full!!!!

  2. Good luck memorizing for your Biology Test! 🙂

    I personally don’t eat Luna bars because they have a lot of sugar. I prefer my bars to be sweetened with ONLY fruit. Therefore, I usually make my own. Or I get a Larabar. 🙂

  3. quite a plethora of yummy colorful veggies! *swoon!* Is it tomorrow yet? I’m ready for breakfast! and lunch… and dinner! ❤

  4. I used to eat a lot of Luna bars but I rarely eat them anymore- or any nutrition bar for that fact. They do have a lot of sugar, but they have a fair amount of protein verses other bars. I say if you like them, keep eating them! 😀

  5. I love your little stash of luna bars! They are so good!

    I love your protein packed lunch and dinner! SO fresh and tasty looking! For real! Is that from your college cafeteria?

  6. The plethora looks really good.

    I doubt Luna bars work any better for weight loss than just counting calories.

  7. woah what a day! ahaha..
    i think bars like Lunas are fine on occasion, but they are processed, and have a lot of sugar and added stuff– its probably better to get protein and fat and carbs from natrual food. BUT i have never had a luna since they dont ahve them here so Im not sure on them specifically!

  8. I like Larabars, but I don’t eat them on a regular basis. I had one on Saturday before a race, and I only had it because it was free. They’re tasty, though!

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