Home is where the heart ( of the ocean ) is….



I was having a moment…(OR FIVE) with my doggie 🙂


The rest of today was so nice. I made it to the gym, which surprisingly took more effort than I thought…who knew being lazy on the couch was so tiring hehe. After a few minutes into the workout my “OH WAIT I LOVE DOING THIS!” attitude came back and I had a great long workout

I did:

32 mins on the elliptical

32 minutes on the bike

abs and arms

YAY! Then, I came home watched tv and had a snack of a BIG apple and some carrots. Sadly, I did have to get some homework done which took me half the time since I had some peace and quiet… so it was really no big deal 🙂

ON TO DINNER. I made myself a real nice healthy big delicious meal just in time to sit down and eat it while I watched TITANIC

HERE WE HAVE: tomatoes and asparagus sauteed and put on toasted flat bread with feta cheese and vinaigrette spread, topped with parmesan cheese. Followed by some egg whites and ketchup ( i loooove ketchup)

I ate this while watching one of my favorite love stories. DO you remember the heart of the ocean is that blue necklace  Rose wears? Or the famous scene “JACK I’M FLYING!?” ….. of course you do! haha gets me every time


Well Im off to do some more fun things. Have a nice night!

Question: What’s your go-to meal that you make for yourself when your trying to cozy up??? Mine always involved egg whites 🙂






4 responses to “Home is where the heart ( of the ocean ) is….

  1. I seriously LOVE your dog!! 🙂

  2. Hehe, your puppy is SO cute! 😀

  3. Hey girl! It looks like you’re having a great time at home 🙂 I always miss my dog so stinking much when I’m away. Nothing like some puppy lovin’. Your meals are looking healthy and delish!

  4. this looks awwwwwwwwesome! I’m in love with Benji! so flipping cute!

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