Long time no post….

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! I’m reaaaallllllllly sorry I’ve been m.i.a this weekend..BUT, just being honest here, there was nothing going on worth posting about 😦

EXCEPT!!!!!! I had two very different breakfasts from my usual, both Friday and Saturday:

FRIDAY: a new type of bar.. protein+chocolate= I DIED. 🙂

Saturday: Plain yogurt parfait with sliced almonds, oatmeal, and pb on top…….not so good 😦 haha ( hey who knew eating this in a cup and a bowl would be so different tasting!!)


FRIDAY: YES (20 mins on the bike, 30 on the precore)

SATURDAY: NOPE .. took a break! ( my homework load my this choice this for me)



AND why not stay with the breakfast theme here (my favorite meal of the day).. This morning I had:

a bowl of fruit and honey…very refreshing

a small plain yogurt,almond,pb, and oatmeal bowl

Then, I did some homework and mid-day I made a yummy treat in the microwave:

banana,pb,and coco powder 🙂 plus a small apple



ANYWAY…today, after a few hours of homework ( of course).. I went to the gym and did:

5 mins on the bike

15 on the elliptical

30 on the precore

…..a very satisfying work out 😉



My review:

LIKES: This book is a great transition for people who are coming off of a diet and the “dieting mentality” is still stuck in their head. The book starts off with 10 rules that skinny people (apparently) follow when making food choices.

I won’t give away the rules, but they include things such as thinking before you make a decision, eating slower and smaller meals, and also eating a balanced diet. I agree with the first part of the book, mostly…..

DISLIKES: Bethany mentions picking at food that you like and stopping when your full. However, she never mentions just plain finishing a plate of food that you like because you’re hungry. Maybe this is supposed to be assumed by people but she never exactly comes out and says it. Also, I never fully finished the book because the second half describes a week in the life of Bethany and she explains EVERY SINGLE FOOD CHOICE she makes. I don’t feel that I need THAT much advice… so I just skimmed the end. I feel like some people might need a bit more help in tweaking their eating habits.

OVERALL I liked this book’s theories, but I  think that when reading a diet book or article in a magazine people should ALWAYS consider their lives and know themselves well enough to know what will work for them. THANKS FOR THE GREAT TIPS BETHANY 😉


WELP..I’m off to do homework then get a good night’s rest for my busy week ahead. I have one question tonight:

How many days a week do you work out?? Is is for weight loss,maintenance, or just good health?? I try to work out at least 5-6 times a week for good health and maybe a little maintenance sometimes:)





8 responses to “Long time no post….

  1. Thanks for taking the time the review book! 🙂

    I know I need to do better with working out, but I hope to get back to working out 5x a week for cardio and 3x a week for strength training, plus stretching and maybe some yoga. Having it cold outside is making it a little harder, but I am doing all I can. 🙂

  2. I’m kind of getting back into working out… 4 ish times a week I guess? Mostly for health. Sometimes for vanity 😉

    I love those nugo bars!

  3. I aim for six days a week of working out. My workouts aren’t super intense, so I always want to make it a full week, but Saturday workouts never happen! I am trying to stop working out for weight loss and work out more for health. Ever since I stopped caring what the scale said (still a work in progress) I’ve enjoyed working out more!

  4. i aim for 5 days a week… for my mind and sanity! and i just love it and th way it makes me feel!! YOUR MICROWAVE concoction is awesome!

  5. I’m usually at the gym 5-6 times a wk too. Thx for the book review-I looked through her book but never read it

  6. You have some of the most interesting combinations of food and they are all so unique and yummy!! That banana, cocoa, pb concoction is awesommmme

  7. awwwww britttt just checking in on my bestie’s blog
    & *Bethenny*’s book is the one I suggested to you last semester! i’m glad you found it!!!!!
    miss youuuu lovey

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