what a day.

I woke up this morning to a protein bar , a cuppa joe and biology class. Then I studied for a nutrition science test and ate some lunch!

This lunch was a VERY YUMMY FEISTA SALAD! (trying to celebrate a drab morning I guess 😉 )

It included: mushrooms,chick peas,black beans,onions,tomatoes,cucumbers,peppers, and cottage cheese

THEN I had some pesto and carrots on tomatoes,and cottage cheese on cucumbers.


MmMmM everything today at lunch was very flavorful and the colors put me in a good mood for STATISTICS CLASS……until I fell asleep half way through JUSSSSST KIDDING 🙂

After more classes, I got to the gym for a goooood workout. It was one of those days where I could’ve just kept going and nothing seemed to phase me. Do you ever have those days? Don’t you just love it?????

I did:

40 mins on the precore

Sides and arms with a 10 pounds weight

and ABS

After the gym I had only 45 minutes to get ready for the HILLEL-FIT INFORMATIONAL MEETING ( THAT FINALLY HAPPENED!!)

SOOOOO.. I  booked it to the dining hall and stole some food to eat while I got ready



Sneaking this one out was a job and a half! BUT it was totally worth it. Inside the cup was plain yogurt,blueberries,sliced almonds,pb, and honey

AGAIN….. TO DIE FOR. I must say I make a very good impromptu dinner on the go!

ANYWAYS after the meeting I had a very eventful night filled with chemistry, chemistry,chemistry, an apple at one point, anddddd more chemistry. Not much to tell you here folks EXCEPT that I made it through the day 🙂 DAY ONE,DONE

I’ll definitly be sleeping well tonight♥ AND I HOPE YOU DO TOO

p.s Keep your eyes out for my weekly article on hercampus.com It’ll be up tomorrow!


13 responses to “BUSY WEEK: DAY ONE, DONE!

  1. What a day! 🙂 Your dinner sounds so good. I need to go make it RIGHT NOW!!

    I can’t wait for your article! 🙂

  2. I hope your busy week goes by fast! Four more days- you can do it!

  3. ASdkfjsdlfjsdkfjd f that is to die for!! oh my GOSH

  4. Love all the eats-yum! I had one of those crazy workouts the other day where I was like the energizer bunny!!!

  5. love your impromptu dinners!

  6. That is one colorful and yummy looking salad!

  7. Busy busy girl!!
    How did you make the banana dinner?? I am intrigued by banana, chocolate and peanut butter naturally

  8. banana PEANUT BUTTER COCOA POWDER ❤ my heart just melted, along with my taste buds yummm

  9. I’ve been meaning to try those protein bars.

    • they are my favorite bar! if you read the nutrition facts they are about the best thing out there in terms of carbs,fat,protein,and calories……..that being said…they are NOT all natural what so ever 🙂 haha

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