Being KIND

Maybe it was because of Friday morning’s breakfast, but lately I’ve been being very KIND to myself in many ways:

  • I’ve been eating food that I like and always adding a little something special to each dish. Good food thats good for me makes me feel good. It’s that simple
  • I’ve been having invigorating and challenging workouts most days complete with inspirational music. I make my routines f.u.n. I love sweating and using my body to it’s fullest potential. It helps me to appreciate what my body can do.
  • I’ve been trying to stop negative self talk and cut myself more slack. I can be very hard on myself and while it’ll always be a struggle, I feel like I’ve been thinking more positively lately 🙂

SO LET’S REWIND to Friday. After having that KIND bar which, I thought was OKAY…a little to crunchy for my taste…

I had an AMAZING combo for lunch:

The salad: spinach,tofu,peas,feta,and walnuts. The main event: tomatoes with pesto,carrots,onions,egg whites,and marinated mushrooms. MMM-MMM-MMM

I went to the gym after class and did a mean:

30 minutes on the precore

10 minutes running

AND Friday night  for dinner I went to an event where I could not get good pictures of the meal, but I had tofu,challah bread,sweet carrots, and some tomato-cucumber salad. Then I spent a night out… doing the college thang 😉

TODAY: I was VERY kind to myself with this  tangy yet nutty bowl of oatmeal, raspberry preserves,plain yogurt, honey, and PB

Then I had more yogurt,pb,grapes, and melon. HUNGRY GIRL TODAY

During the day I did a lot of homework, but I managed to make it to the gym!

I did :

40 minutes on the precore….and it felt soo gooooooooood

10 minutes on the bike


An “every color” salad. I’ll let you try and figure out what went in there 😉

AND my crazy pesto protein dish: egg whites,shrimp,tofu,tomatoes, carrots, and marinated mushrooms in pesto. I DIED… it was so good ( don’t let looks deceive you haha)

TONIGHT IM BEING KIND TOO! I’m giving myself a “night off” from college weekend activities to catch up on work and get to bed relatively early. Next week is gonna be hectic so tonight is a much needed.

I cannot wait to put my feet up after all this work is done

(salty boots from friday)


WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY THAT WAS K.I.N.D FOR YOURSELF??? I hope you have more than just one thing 🙂


WELL…I’m off to do more work THEN more tomorrow and basically this week will be work work work for me….sooo I’m trying to psych myself up now 🙂 😦 🙂 😦 ….by staying positive 🙂





6 responses to “Being KIND

  1. I LOVE THIS POST GIRL!!! I’ve been pushing myself at the gym, eating amazingly delicious food that is good for me, spending quality time with my family, listening to my body, etc.

    Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate — ohmygosh that KIND bar sounds INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. I was kind to myself today for taking the day off from exercise for no other reason than I wanted to 🙂 I’m also trying not to feel guilty about, which is definitely kinder than beating myself up about it!

  3. hm never had a kind bar always wanted to try one, but usually still with my usual Luna Lemon Zest! Ah I can’t wait for the warm weather so my shoes are no longer covered with salt!!!!

  4. LOVE this post!!!! and i always love your amazing salads!!!!!!! i was kind to myself for feeding it clean, nourishing food! simple is BEST!

  5. I like being kind to myself too! Those salads look amazing!

  6. Those kind bars look delicious, I’ve never had one. And I was kind to myself today by not having any sorbitol lol 😀

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