Like a Kid Again…..

YES WE FINALLY HAD A SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:p … I was a little excited

I woke up at 11:15 after a great long night of sleep. I went and made an amazing bowl of oatmeal

First half of the bowl toppings included: 1 T of pb, raisons, vanilla yogurt, and apple sauce with cinnamon

Since this was plain oatmeal, it got boring once I got past these toppings so in the second half of the bowl I added: peaches, 1 more T of pb, yogurt, and walnuts

Then during the day today I RELAXED , played guitar, and did a bit of homework. The gym was closed and I still wanted a work out soooooooo:


It was great. HARD, but a rejuvenating quick work out. I just love working out. I realized how good it makes me feel inside and out… endorphins make me happy 🙂

DINNER TIME INCLUDED: a tomato, carrot stick, mushroom, cucumber, and feta salad.

PLUS: tofu,green beans, squash, marinara,pesto, and feta creation! YUMMMMMMMM

I also grabbed a second small plate of tofu marinara ( needed more protein) and veggies. Hungry girl is satisfied TONIGHT

Tonight I’m watching LORD OF THE RINGS with my friends! SOOOO excited…maybe too excited? haha


Question of the day: What did you do on your snow day?? Anything creative? Work out? Snowmen making? New recipe? FILL ME IN 😉


9 responses to “Like a Kid Again…..

  1. No snow day for me. 😦 But I did make a delicious soup!

  2. No snow for me, but we might get some tomorrow! 🙂

  3. The snow kind of skipped us 😦 Glad you were able to enjoy a snow day though!
    This is going to sound crazy but I’m kind of jealous of your access to college food- looks like your campus has a great selection! Some days I could SO go for just walking into the dining hall rather than having to think up a meal 😉 Have a good night!

  4. No snow day here. I work from home so even if there’s snow, I still have to work. But no snow in the South. Boo. I keep hearing awesome things about Jillian’s 30 day shred. I need to get that for post preggo workouts!

  5. ah so lucky!!! i still worked out but no snow day :(…. when it is snowin tho i like to stay in and get comfy!

  6. Every school was closed besides the one I work at-crazy! Congrats on the snow day!

  7. Applesauce on top of oats, I never would have thunk it. Looks delish. The peaches look yummy too.

  8. We had a very low-key snow day yesterday and another low key snow day today. Snow days make me very un productive, I just want to hibernate and eat. Not a good combo!

  9. I wish we had snow days in LA! On rainy days though I tend to make lots of coffee, put on sweats and fluffy socks and watch chick flicks 🙂

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