Peanut Brittle and Half a Snow Day

I woke up to LOTS OF snow and…….class?? There was no cancelation to be seen for my morning cooking lab, so I packed an apple and a bar , bundled up, and made my way over to kitchen lab.

In the lab, we tested different methods of making candy! We saw what happens when you add corn syrup to a heated sugar and water mixture ( MAKES WHITE FONDANT!) and when you don’t ( MAKES HARD CANDY).

THEN we made Peanut Brittle as it continued to snow and snow some more!!!

And for your entertainment: ME IN THE DORKY HAT AND COAT THAT WE HAVE TO WEAR 🙂

After this class my school finally canceled classes so, I got to be done for the day! Then I went back and had a nice lunch:

I had: tomatoes,carrot sticks, egg, cheese, almonds slices. And another place containing: more egg, tuna, chickpeas,veggies, and noodles. Then a side of fruit and a tad of yogurt (big lunch…it’s that time of the month HELP!)

After lunch I came back to my dorm hung out,played in the snow, played guitar, and slept ( wow what a much needed day off!) My meeting for Hillel Fit was cancled but here’s the basic plan: this is a GET FIT program that the Hillel house of Umass is starting. I am on the nutrition end, and soon I’ll be consulting other students, in private, to help them make healthier choices in the dining commons. Two meetings have been canceled due to snow so far….let’s hope next week is clear 😛

ANYWAY dinner was interesting since my stomach was acting funny..

This plate (plus more) conatined: plain and vanilla yogurt, 2 Ts of PB, strawberry preserves,honey, an apple, some melon, and (not pictured) KIX cereal.


OH AND DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT this week’s >>>> hercampus article<<<< by MOI

Welp, I’m off to do laundry and watch a movie 🙂 let’s hope tomorrow is a full snow day. THIS GIRL NEEDS AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE

……OH AND Question of the day and sorry if this is forward but… : What are some of your tips,tricks, and/or stories about getting through “that time of the month” ??? can’t wait for this feedback haha because lets face it, we all have something to share 😉




12 responses to “Peanut Brittle and Half a Snow Day

  1. dark chocolate.

  2. I have SERIOUS issues with that time. I get ovarian cysts every month and they HURT. I basically cant move for 3 days. It sucks. I have found though that light exercise really helps!! I tend to go for a really long walk with my puppers, and eat lots of froyo 🙂

  3. Peanut Butter all the way. 🙂

  4. aww! I hope you feel okay! 😦
    You look super cute!
    I just found out I’m taking creative cooking this semester! Tommorow is my first day so that’s exciting!

  5. Great article! 😀 Loved it! I wish we could have a snow day sometimes. I need the sleep! 😀

  6. Um that lab sounds like so much fun I’m so jealous!!

    Stay warm!

  7. That lab looks like so much fun!!! and I always love your eats!

  8. Well a half snow day is better than none! I hope you got a full snow day today! I have been iced in since Monday, but gotta go to work tomorrow morning. blah.
    So today I’ve been baking up a storm for a Valentines post!

  9. WE had a snow day today!

    Great article for UMass! I love your superfood suggestions!

  10. I can’t believe your school didn’t cancel class right away! That’s crazy. There were really bad fires next to my school a few years ago that started on a Sunday night, and the roads were blocked and everything, but campus was open until THURSDAY afternoon! Uh, too bad no one takes classes on Friday! I had to go to school all week!

  11. That peanut brittle looks yummy! You are so cute in your chefs hat!! For the time of the month, I take Advil and eat chocolate. Might not be healthy but chocolate is always satisfying for me!!

  12. That lab looks SO fun! I have no trick for that time of the month.. I usually want chocolate NON stop! Your eats look yummy 🙂 I hope you have a full snow day tomorrow!!

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