Well, not completely free… I still had class 😦

I woke up later than expected because my alarm didn’t go off, but surprisingly I got to class on time ( so I could pretend THAT never happened). I ate an apple while rushing to get dressed and what not.

Then in bio I had some coffee and this bar:

ABOUT THE GREAT BREAKFAST DEBATE: I love eating a big breakfast..but with only two hour between the time that I eat breakfast and the ONLY time I have to eat a substantial lunch, I never eat the big breakfast that I want to eat because of time reasons with lunch and dinner and YADA YADA.

I just have to realize that I’m on school-time-schedule. In summer.. it’ll be better 🙂 But for now I’m making due with a bigger lunch


an amazing plate of tofu,egg,peppers, mushrooms, cottage cheese, tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers

Followed by:

More cottage cheese, tofu, two pieces of sweet potato, and mushroom/pepper/penne/green bean concoction. yu-huh-hummy

ANYWAY after classes and lectures galore.. I WAS ACTUALLY FREE! and skipped over to the gym (…well maybe I didn’t skip  haha)

I did:

30 minutes on the elliptical

12 minutes of running/walking

ABS and Tricep pushups ( 2×25)

Then, I ate a very fruity dinner. I wasn’t too hungry today for some reason but this dinner DEFINITELY hit the spot for my fruit craving

Started with A big bowl of (canned but not too shabby) fruit, cut up watermelon, fresh blueberries, honey, and crushed TOTAL cereal

THEN, I had some carrots and a T of PB

If you haven’t tried this combo I HIGHLY recommend it 😉

THEN I had some strawberries, granola,carrots and more PB

Then I came back to my door and my friend left me a present of DOUBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE GUM.. I had two pieces. YUMM 🙂

Very satisfied, now I am currently about to get ready for a night out where I. WILL. NOT. THINK. ABOUT. SCHOOL-WORK.. I repeat I WILL NOT BE THINKING ABOUT SCHOOL… for one night 🙂 my brain needs  a rest

I hope you all give your brains a rest tonight and enjoy your weekend. Thanks for all the support yesterday




6 responses to “FRIDAY FREEDAY!

  1. I’ve never tried carrots and peanut butter!! I have to try it! 🙂

  2. I saw a watermelon at the store today and it made me wish for summer 🙂

  3. Carrots and PB is my favorite! 😀

    Have a fun evening! Have even more fun and make up for the fact that I’m buried in homework this weekend and can’t go out!

  4. OMG YOUR LUNCH SALAD IS SO FREAKING GOOD! and i love your mish mash dinners~!

  5. Carrots and pb? Holy moly I have never even considered that. I dont know why but I always go for the savory over the sweet. Like I have never had a sweet potato with pb, simply because I love them so much dipped in ketchup! haha

  6. Starving after reading this! and I’m totally imagining you actually SKIPPING to the gym! =)

    def will try the pb carrot combo! It sounds like it might be a winner =)

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