A Quick Post From A Tired Girl

HELLO! Sorry about this rushed post, but I’ve had a very busy day.

I woke up this morning to a coco powder and mocha instant coffee plus an orange :)… and a semi snow day!!

Then, I found out my 9-12 lab wasn’t fully cancled…and started half way through? So I then ran across campus to have about an hour of lab.. GRRRRRRRRR

STARVING at lunch, I had this salad with edamame, cottage cheese, veggies, and a second plate of melon, cottage cheese, EGG and A TON OF FRUIT (not pictured) I was a hungry one 🙂

THEN I went to class and the gym!

I did a mean:

40 mins on the precore

and ABS

Walking back the sunset was BEAUTIFUL, so I snapped a shot

Then after a shower and some homework,

Dinner included a two plates of tofu,penne,eggplant ratitoulle, and spinach. Also two bowls of mushrooms,feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrot sticks. D.E.L.I.S.H

My eating habits were SO OFF today. My dinner was way too big but I couldn’t stop eating! Yesterday I was happy about the buffet style dining but today I just hate it! It’s really hard to handle all the good food around without over doing it. (I’m not mad in a “guilty way”, just in a MY STOMACH HURTS FROM TOO MANY VEGGIES kind of way.)


Any tips on avoiding overdoing it with health food?Or at a BUFFET? I’m sure I’m not the only foodie with this occasionaly problem 😉


Sorry the quickness of this post. I. need. sleep

♥NIGHTY NIGHT errybody


9 responses to “A Quick Post From A Tired Girl

  1. I always find that I tend not to over eat if my largest meal of the day is breakfast.

    At a buffet, I always start with a salad — sooo delish! 🙂

  2. Is all of this food from your school’s caf? Because it seriously looks so amazing! 😀

  3. I have to stay away from buffets. I go CRAZY!

  4. Buffet-force yourself with salad and try to eat only things you can’t eat on a reg basis-new stuff! Your food looks awesome for the day, even if you think you’re off-I love the variety!

  5. honestly you should up your breakfasts girl!!! im not kidding.. you.. or have a snack before dinnner. it will stop you from overeating as much!

  6. I try to eat a big breakfast, but if I’m hungry later- I eat! If you think you’re starting to over eat, try drinking a large glass of water. I’ve heard that our bodies can mistake thirst for hunger. At least your dining hall buffet has healthy options! All I remember from mine was burgers, fries, cereal bar and and a smaaaaal salad bar. 😦

  7. I actually really try and eat vegies at every meal, then snacks usually involve a fruit. Except breakfast. Breakfast is usually oats, so that almost always has a banana or bloobs in it. I think your body will forgive you for the vegies though 😉

  8. Oh my gosh I have that issue fairly frequently. Actually my bigger issue was over christmas when I made a huuuge platter of roasted veggies and legitimately ate 3/4 of it. which means I ate almost an entire butternut squash. my stomach was not especially pleased… but then again other people overdosed on pie and mashed potatoes so I guess it’s not THAT bad 😉

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