Hump day Shmump day

Hello and congratulations for making it over the hump day!

Today was a hum drum-got done what I needed to get done- kind of day

I woke up to a cup of  instant coffee with coco powder and a pear. I packed a pria bar for class which I split with a friend and ate along with my second cuppa joe 🙂

After hanging around the campus. When lunch rolled around I was HUUUNNNNGRYYY.

My huge lunch was an everything-salad consisting of  well, everything on this plate… (  there’s TOO MUCH TO LIST). THANK YOU UMASS FOR BUFFET STYLE DINING HALLS WITH QUALITY FOOD 🙂

THEN, still hungry as usual, I had some tomatoes with egg and carrots

AND ABOUT 5 OF THESE GRAPE BOWLS ( well maybe not 5 but…ALOT)


THEN after STATS and ORGANIC CHEM class, I made it to the GYM. AND (long story short) I was meant to go to kick boxing but realized I wouldn’t make it because of a nutrition-project-related meeting ( see top secret project)

I found out it ultimately canceled AFTER I was done at the gym because of ALL THE SNOW WE STARTED GETTING!!!

OH WELL……At the gym I did a simple 40 mins on the elliptical ( I’ve been sore and was due for a non strenuous sweat session )

I got a nice spot today with a view of the library… ITS HUGE!!

Dinner was quite artsy looking. I had two of these plates. Each had 1/2 a banana, 1 T of pb, some carrot chips, and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt topped with granola, honey, and strawberry preserves YUM!!!!!! ( don’t ask me why I split this meal into two…I’m just a weirdo haha)

AND MELON for dessert… of course

My nightly activities were composed of reading an arousing chapter of organic chem (basically took me a few HOURS.) Followed by some biology reading. WOOOOH!!(  tryyy hold your enthusiasm please, I know this is VERY intriguing)

HOWEVER, the mood of the evening was elevated when I munched on the delicious apple as I finished up the last few pages 🙂 OH how I love my apples.


QUESTION OF THE DAY. This one is for my own personal information and as information for an article I hope to write in the future for

What are some protein,nutrition,meal bars that you like and why?? For me personaly I like Pria, Luna, and Pure protein bars because they are low cal and high in protein. I never need a meal bar. Does anyone know of any other bars that fit those criteria as well??

THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT ♥ nighty night


9 responses to “Hump day Shmump day

  1. I love Luna Bars, but don’t nearly have them as much as I used to. I have recently grown to like Larabars, but they don’t have too much protein for my liking. The Kashi Go Lean Roll bars are good too. 😀

  2. Kashi is really good … Laras … homemade ones…. 🙂

  3. ahh i LOVE your dinner!! i like Zone bars, kashi bars, luna bars!

  4. Mmm…that giant salad-yum!!!!!
    I’m a lara bar gal!

  5. Your dinner looks so good! I don’t really eat protein bars, but I used to like the peppermint Luna bars.

  6. Check out this post. My co-worker gave me this bar and it fits your criteria. I loved it.

  7. To be honest, I prefer to make my own. I always have granola bar ingredients on hand, and also have made several homemade larabars. I just love how much cheaper they are, and I like being able to control EXACTLY what goes in them!

  8. Are those carrot sandwiches? Love it!

  9. I like luna bars… And I haven’ thad pria bars in a loong time but I used to love them!

    I also looove kashi trail mix bars, though they’re less “protein bars” in some way bu they have a good amount of fiber and protein and are less processed than some, you know?

    I’m kind of generally addicted to granola bars though. My mission in life is to try them all 😛

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