A Grey Day

Hello everyone. Today was a very very grey day. GREY as in: boring and the actual color of the sky…all.day.long

It happened to be snowing when I left at 8:30 (hence the gloves) I made some coffee to drink while getting ready and I had a protein bar on the way to my cooking lab. 

While the lab was actually the most interesting part of my day, it was still at 9:00 in the morning…. TOO EARLY for a college girl to be awake. HOWEVER, I’m excited for this lab. Its FOOD SCIENCE so we cook and learn about why things happen the way they do in the kitchen. ( hopefully I can take some good pictures soon!)

After class I went to a hip spot on campus for another cup of coffee (BAD BRITTANY..i know :))

WOOOH Recycled paper cups for coffee and tea…….

Wall of Natural Foods! …. ( heart beats out of chest)

THEN after doing some work I had yet another AMAZING LUNCH…with ( wait for it………….)

semi-GOOD LIGHTING. oh how I long for the days of spring where sunshine will fill my foodie pictures with quality and pictureque beauty. * sigh* hang tight for those 🙂

MOVING ON … HERES MY EGG SALAD: complete with egg whites,tomato,carrots,spinach,onions, peppers, mushroom, and chick peas. Tasted like an omelet!

YEAH EGG! ( nerdy snort) This addition to my diet has been keeping me fuller throughout the day AND it’s giving me more protein!

I’m such a closet geek

I also had an additional “omelet salad” bowl with cottage cheese,EGG,tomatoes,chic peas, and spinach

ANDDDDDD grapes.

ANYWAY, then after two more classes….I made it to the gym across my snow laden campus.

I did:

15 mins on the stationary bike

35 mins on the precore

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. 🙂 thats me being pleased with my workout

DINNER was bit different after my veggie overload at lunch (yes it can happen). I opted for a more hungry girl-post workout-hearty meal : 2 small apples, whole wheat toast with pb and strawberry preserves, 3 T PB, 1/2 a small banana, and celery

Necessary picture …of my beloved PB

and some melon. The camera ate it before I could get a good shot

Today was grey but I tried to stay positive. 🙂 I knocked out my chemistry homework. Currently…as I listen to my friendly neighbors bump their bass as loud as possible… I’m starting on biology reading…..can not wait to live in my own apartment next year!

I hope you all stayed positive today too!



13 responses to “A Grey Day

  1. Loud neighbors drive me crazy! My house is practically on top of my next door neighbors and someone was blasting music all afternoon. I wanted to go over there and rip the CD player out of the wall!

  2. Egg salad sounds so good right now! Great idea! I’ll have to make one this week! =)


    Its ok to be a coffee fiend =) though more than 3 cups gets craaaazy =)

  3. Peanut butter is the best! 🙂 Especially at dinner. 🙂

  4. I had a grey day too!!!! Your salad looks killer though!

  5. I would looove to take a food science class. Take some pictures, I’m interested in seeing what it’s like! Your school carries all those natural foods?! That’s amazing and so lucky!

  6. ahah ahh your dinner is like perfect! i love making BIgger meal sized snack plates- PERFECT!

  7. Love your omelet salad, it looks perfect!

  8. Ahh perfect for beating these gloomy winter days!

  9. First off your coffee mug is adorable. I love all the peace signs! And second, super jealous of that cute coffee shop with all the goodies! All we have our starbucks around here haha

  10. Ooh, food science class sounds awesome! Can you share what you learn on the blog?

  11. Yum the egg salad looks delicious. I can’t wait for more natural lighting as well! Only a few more months to go.

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