OH Monday, you’ve been good to me

Hey everyone. Today was yet another busy busy YET exciting day!

First things first, MY ARTICLE is up on HERCAMPUS.com. This website is an online magazine for college girls. I will be writing WEEKLY articles about fitness and health for the UMASS section! Enjoy article 1 🙂

This morning I woke up to -16 degree weather and a window full of condensation. I had some coffee in the trusty peace sign mug and an orange. I also packed a Pria bar for Bio class.

Soooo, my attempt to hit the gym between classes was a FAIL! IT WAS SO CROWDED and I was pressed for time. NOT a good combination grrr..

I did:

20 mins eliptical

10 ish mins precore

barely…broke…a…sweat. I WANTED TO SWEAT! (again… grrr)

Then I booked it to the dining commons to meet my friends for lunch. I did however, make an amazing chopped salad with my newest salad ingredient, HARD BOILED EGG WHITES..can you believe I’ve never done this before?? except at AROMA in Israel 🙂

The chopped salad started off like this, it included: EGGS,chick peas,onions,cucumbers,tomatoes,mushrooms, corn salsa, and peppers (buried under the goodness :)). I used a blush wine dressing today too!

And ended up like this! YUM ( I also had a little more cottage cheese,eggs, and tomato after this plate)

Then I went to statistics class and organic chem.. and OH  I had a nice GREEN TEA during stats….I felt so cool whipping out my camera in class 😉

ALRIGHT I guess I needed to burn off some more energy or something so, after organic I ended up doing Jillian Michael’s’ 30 day shred in my room… which gave me an idea……

this is my ” I have an idea face” incase you didn’t know. 😛

ONE DAY A WEEK SHOULD BE A SHRED DAY! I’m usually a cardio person but doing this might improve my muscle strength and tone me a bit more ( along with my usual weight routine)

Anyways, after this I had a weird dinner ( even for me haha). Remember here people, I am eating out of a dining hall everyday 😦 so I can’t cook for you ..or for myself!!! Anything they serve I have to eat and sometimes the pickins are slim…

Here’s my concoction for tonight: tofu,carrots,veggies, and a lone fake-chicken nugget ( that I took one bite of ..ewww), all dipped in ketchup. A side salad with tomatoes,cucumbers,almond slices, and spinach. And dessert consisted of a grand tsp of pb ( not pictured), small apple, and melon. YUM (not…haha)

OH WELL at least I had my two crazy best friends with me…we had a really fun time at dinner tonight haha





ALSO!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU TO THE LADIES OF THE LITTLE YELLOW KITCHEN for nominating me for the stylish blogger award. I’m flattered that my tiny-dorm-room-based blog is being recognized and liked 🙂 …. just wait till I have my kitchen in the summer and on spring break.. MWHAHAHA


SOOOOOOO, the question of the night is this:

WHOSE DONE THE SHRED? WHAT’D IT DO FOR YOU? OPINIONS?? COMMENTS?? HMMMMM? I’d love to get some info and hear some stories




10 responses to “OH Monday, you’ve been good to me

  1. Do you walk to class? If it was that cold, I wouldn’t leave the house!

  2. ahaahha ive heard SCARY things about the shred!!

  3. Congrats on the article!!! chopped/mixed/yummy salad looks perfect!

  4. Nice article girl! I like the shred workouts… although I’ve only tried level 1 and 2 they’re great to add into the workout routine.

  5. Britt,
    Congrats on the article! I think what your doing is great, keep inspiring young college girls. Haven’t tried the shed yet, or p90 x, both are on my do to list. Where did you get your mug?

  6. You article is AMAZING!!! I love all of your exercises!!! I’m going to try them out! Thanks! 🙂

  7. I read your article and I think it’s great!

    I used to do 30 day shred pretty regularly (about 3 days a week). It’s an awesome workout and I definitely saw an improvement in muscle tone after a month or so.

  8. wow that salad — soooo something I would eat! =) I think I need the 30 day shred video… it seems like everyone who has a blog uses this fitness vid and I SO need to tone! Would you suggest it? or do you have a different fav? my email is: PEASandCRAYONS@gmail.com — thanks girl! ❤

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    • I can just answer you here! Basically jillian is the ONLY dvd I’ve use besides an old jane fonda step work out tape! haha . I pretty much like doing my own thing at the gym but the 20 minute shred routines DEFINITELY get the job done for me if I’m in a hurry or its too cold for the gym:)

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