Motivate me.

I woke up this morning around 11:30 after a very eventful evening 🙂

Well, lets go back to dinner.It was at Umass’s Hillel house and I couldn’t take a good picture of my plate, but I had:

  • Marinated portobello mushrooms
  • snap peas
  • salad
  • challah bread

It was amazing to see all my friends from the ISREAL trip! So, overall a very fun evening with food and friends.. is ALWAYS a good time

Moving on! Last night after dinner I hung out, danced and mingled with all my college buds. It was sooooooo cold outside so we never made it out of the dorm (which I was TOTALLY okay with.)

TONIGHT IS SUPPOSED TO BE -12 degrees!!!! I guess thats Massachusetts weather for ya…and looks like I wont be going anywhere any time soon without DIRECT transportation haha

This morning my roommate and I had a very nice, HUGE, tasty brunch.

started with 2 Tbsps of pb,raspberry preserve, and vanilla yogurt on oats!

It looks pretty but, not the same as home 😦

A. not as hot B. very bland ( NOTE TO SELF bring my own oats and cook them in hot water at the dining commons)

OF COURSE I had my black coffee which was HAZELNUT today. a BIG plus

THEN I had these melons, some orange slices and about A MILLION MORE pieces of melon! I was quite hungry and dehydrated (wink wink )


Right now I’m in between homework assignments. I NEED MOTIVATION. I know the semester just started but, I need workout AND school motivation. I know the school thing will work itself out as the semester rolls along. I LOVE working out HOWEVER, I don’t feel the same burst of happiness when I’m running or on the eliptical anymore 😦


any advice would be greatly appreciated I’m off to do more work work work. updates to follow.



10 responses to “Motivate me.

  1. Yum! I usually have my oatmeal with wheat germ, fruit and almond milk in it each morning… I think the toppings you added look great (I’ll have to try that).

    As for your workout slumps… I am currently in one of those as well. I would recommend switching it up. For example, go on a run outdoors for a change of scenery or add a few things to your workout if you are in the gym. Also, make a new music mix to listen to, that always helps me.

    Good luck! PS. I love the blog!

  2. Haha (wink wink). 😉 Love it.

    I hate workout slumps, they are the worst. Maybe try doing a new activity like a new class at the gym (if they offer them!). Or do a different setting or speed workout on the elliptical or treadmill.

  3. Hi Britt! It is my first time on your blog and I was wondering if you were a vegetarian? I like the positive feel of your posts.
    Taking on new challenges is always a solution to workout slumps… try something new!

  4. I wish I could offer you some advice for workout slumps- unfortunately I’m experiencing one and have no plans to work out today! I hate unplanned rest days, but they happen.

  5. Do the preserves and peanut butter make you oats taste like a pb&j sandwich?

  6. Hi Britt! I like the openness of your posts (& you’re gorgeous to boot!)… So, I deal with this with my clients a bit, and I agree with littleyellowkitchen. Switch it up, try fun activities rather than just the gym. I just wrote a blog on 5 fun workout ideas that you can do in your home/dorm a few days ago if you want to check it out? Just remember, anytime you’re in a slump, push yourself to just stay active in your daily life rather than force yourself to the gym. Go play frisbee golf or volleyball or walk the stairs of your dorm. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  7. Hazelnut flavored coffee is just perfect! I also love the oats mix you made with the yogurt! delicious!

  8. YES when Im in a workout slump i just tell myself.. okay.. go for 15 minutes and see how you feel.. just a kick start without having a HUGE goal is a great way to get bak into it!

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