Sorry for the quick post but I’m a girl on the move today

I woke up to snow this morning and my first class was canceled YAY!

I had half an orange and a small apple

AND COFFEE with coco powder..naturally

Then after tieing up some odds and ends on the computer, I went to lunch

This salad contained: tofu,almond slices,tomatoes,and cucumbers

Then, still hungry as usual, I got a side of cottage cheese,more tofu, and tomatoes,carrot chips, and a few almond slices:

PLUS a side of melon MmMm ( my roommate helped me finish them)

After ORGANIC CHEM and STATS class I made it to the gym for a short work out… ( p.s GYM IS STILL PACKED!)

I did:

25 mins on the precor

10 mins of running

I then booked it back to the dorm, showered,ate a small apple, and now I’m here updating all of you 🙂 haha

Soon I’ll be off to a friday night dinner event  for my school’s Hillel house and then out to enjoy my friday night


Have a fun relaxing night…and for my sake forget about school or work or whatever it is that you do for ONE NIGHT!

thats what I’m doing




7 responses to “PLACES TO GO PEOPLE TO SEE…

  1. Enjoy your night! I’m trying to forget the fact that school starts on Monday 😦

  2. Have a great night! Wish I could forget about school but I have a mountain of homework that is calling my name!

  3. Have fun!!! I just have a couple of things to do for school, and then I can be worry free. 🙂

  4. oo yumm salad!!! and look at that melon soo fresh!

  5. Nice pics are you using your point and shoot? I have Nikon Coolpix and my close up food pics never come out that good. Last night I had tofu for the first time in ages, starting to become a big fan of it.

  6. So craving tofu now! Yum!

    Have a fantabulous weekend doll! ❤ xoxo

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