Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

What a GOOOOOD morning! I started off with a hot cuppa joe and a pear

Then I did some work on the computer. Figuring out classes,scheduling, and what not BLEHHHHHH.

After that I ate some lunch

I had a big salad ( surprise, surprise) with: carrots,broccoli, cottage cheese, almonds/sunflower seeds,tomatoes,peppers, and a few cranberries!

And a side of BLACK BERRIES

after that I was STILL HUNGRY since breakfast was small I had some protein packed cottage cheese,carrots, and sliced almonds/sunflower seeds


Alrighty, next in my day I went out to a cute little coffee shop with a friend to discuss upcoming plans for a fitness  and nutrition program we will be offering to students. ( it’s a big secret now….MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW). If you haven’t noticed I’m being very involved with activities this semester. Hope I can handle it all 🙂

I had green tea cuz I think I’m getting sick…grrrrrrrrrrr

Anyway….after the top secret meeting, I went to my FOOD SCIENCE CLASS. yada yada.Then I went to the gym. It was sooooo crowded. I’m guessing its a new-years-resolution- time-thing.

I did:

treadmill for 5 mins

Precor for 35 mins

After a nice hot shower I ate a HUGE dinner. I was STARVING!

I started with salmon topped with bruschetta, whole-grain pasta, broccoli and zucchini

and a side of mushrooms, cucumbers with mint dressing, and carrots

STILL HUNGRY. I went back for a few shrimp ( needed PROTEIN) in mariana sauce, and veggies.

Well, I completed my gym goal for the day, but portion sizes are something I have to work on… or do I???

I’d like to know what you all think about my portion sizes….am I worrying for nothing?? This something I’ve always struggled with i.e knowing what’s too much or not enough.

ANYWAY here’s a picture of what the rest of my evening looks like:

THEN I’ll go hang out with my friends. 🙂

Hope you all had a nice day and have a nice relaxing night!! CYA♥


11 responses to “Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

  1. Oh organic chem, how I loathe you =)

    Your mug is flipping adorable!!!!!

  2. I’m not your body, so I can’t sit here and tell you if your portion sizes are ok. If you feel satisfied, you’re fine! 😀 If you feel yourself crashing only an hour or two after a meal, then maybe you need a little more. I know my portion sizes vary depending on my workout and stress level. The more stressed I am, the more snacky I am. If I had a REALLY hard workout or long run, I am not very hungry, but the next day, I am starving! The beauty of being human is that we are all different. 🙂

  3. I think your portion sizes are fine. I am trying to lose weight and my portions are twice as big… I think I’m the one with a problem 🙂

  4. As long as you are listening to your body, all is well. 🙂

  5. just listen to your body!! but i SERIOUSLY think you should bulk up your breakfast by a LOT… you wont be as starving during the day and you will probably naturally reduce the portion size!

  6. Your blackberries look amazing!

    As for portion sizes, no one can say what is too much except you. As long as you are eating when hungry and stopping when full, you are fine. But I would suggest a bigger breakfast. I have found that when I eat a very small breakfast (or none at all), then I tend to eat more throughout the day.

  7. Your mug is so cute! You were so productive, geez! I wish I did that much yesterday! Can’t wait to find out the fitness/nutrition program you are working on! 🙂

  8. I’m the wrong person to ask about portion sizes, but I think your portions look perfect!

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