I woke up to a BEAUTIFUL sight out my window…..which was closely followed by clouds and more sleet-y rain 😦

Before I got all bundled up for class I had an apple, and I packed a Pure Protein Bar for after class and I also sipped on some coffee with a frothy top ( from the instant coffee and coco powder I added<— tastes like a MOCHA :))

Then I went to BIOLOGY CLASS and bought some books…. ( $234 for an ORGANIC CHEMISTRY book :0) and yes I’m taking organic chemistry *sigh*

Around noon I met up with some girls to get lunch and I made a decadent salad. It contained: tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots, pasta salad,corn feta, tofu,sprouts and a big artichoke on top ( which I tried..but didn’t like)

If you haven’t noticed by now my college salads include ALOT of different things. I like to add alot to my salads to keep them interesting and all the food keeps me full. Luckily my school offers tons of options!

After a statistics and chem class I went to KICKBOXING at the gym. It was SUCH a great work out. An hour of jumping, punching, and abs.

I’m so happy to be working out again. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Speaking of which…. I have a goal to go to the gym for the rest of the week. I really do miss it and I sadly feel like my body is loosing a bit of it’s tone. ( only something I would notice of course)

I used to set monthly goals. But I’m trying this new thing to set WEEKLY goals. It’s less intimidating and less stressful for me.

Do you set weekly or monthly goals? If so what are they??

Mine for this week are: to get back into my work out groove and eat smaller portions ( since I can sometimes get carried away at meals in a buffet style dining hall) .. ALSO I promise to start posting dinner pics. 🙂

Goal for down the road: When I come home for summer I WILL MAKE A RECIPES PAGE AND START COOKING 🙂 ohhh how I miss the kitchen.

ALSO! I will now be writing health and fitness articles for hercampus.com ( the Umass section). My first article should be up by next week and when it is, I will OBVIOUSLY be linking it here. so STAY TUNED!


Nighty night errybody♥



18 responses to “GOALS and SNOW

  1. I always feel so much better after a workout. 🙂 Your salad looks FAB! 🙂

  2. I like to set weekly and daily goals. 🙂 I agree–they are a lot less intimidating.

  3. My current goal: get off hte internet and start studying biology. Obviously doing SUPER well on that one 😉

    and i’m sooo looking forward to ochem next year… (sarcasm)

    sigh… why do we do this to ourselves again?

  4. Looks like your school’s salad ingredients are awesome! At least you can make healthy choices. I set weekly goals according to my current run training schedule. It really motivates me and keeps me going!

  5. awesome about the health articles! can’t wait to read those! ahh i LOVE your salad ! looks like you have some FANTASTIC options at your schoool!

  6. i’m all about the short term goals-something to strive for and instant satisfaction keeps your mind on the long term possibilities!

  7. Boo! I hate textbooks! The prices are ridiculous!

  8. Congrats on your upcoming articles! awesome!

    That salad looks like crack. LOVE a good salad!

  9. awesome looking salad! Congrats on the section in the paper! How exciting! I will definitely be checking it out!

    Still working on stuff you could possibly help me with (I am from the NW, OH region btw), I’ll have more time to think this weekend!

    Stay warm!

  10. Ooo I can’t wait to read your articles! 😀

  11. the salads are the greatest.I love the artichoke.We love your articles and can not wait till diner.Do you know what we see when look out our windows??

  12. I love weekly goals. They’re much more manageable!

  13. I think you just gave me an a-ha moment! Why don’t I set weekly goals, so much more digestible!

  14. The coffee and salad look yummy. I set a monthy goal. This month was to limit my sweets to only three per week. Ate two on Monday, ha.

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