Unexpected freedom!

Well to my surprise I woke up this morning to snow!

I had a pear while I drank my instant coffee (HEY IM IN A DORM HERE)

Then as I was unpacking I found out that MY CLASSES WERE CANCELED due to the snow ( *******sigh of relief*******)

Then I relaxed a bit and had a MELTED PROTIEN BAR. It tastes like a hot browny. I HIGHLY recommend  microwaving your bars

YAY I really really really needed one more day of adjustment and what better way then to go to the gym 🙂

My school has a really awesome gym so, I’m very lucky to have access to it whenever I want

I did:

5 mins on the eliptical

5 mins of sprints

and 25 mins on the precor machine, it looks like this!

I didn’t get a picture AT the gym but I will try to soon. This is my all time favorite machine. It’s like running in mid-air combined with stair-climbing….very challenging. I noticed that my level before I left school on this machine was around a 5 or 6… today I only made it up to about 4.

AND now I have a goal to get back to where I was ( resistance wise)… I don’t have this machine at home so no wonder I was strugglin 😉

Have you ever used this machine??

After the gym I brought my JUNKY POINT AND SHOOT to lunch. I had a big big salad with : tomatoes,cucumbers,peppers,broccoli,shredded carrots and cottage cheese. YUM!!!! … I’m so lucky to have a healthy dining hall at UMass

OHH such an ugly picture….never again will I use this camera haha

Well I’m off to eat some dinner, do some free weights in my room, and watch a movie with my girlies 🙂

Hope you have a good night and if it’s snowing near you make sure you stay WARM…maybe I’ll actually start school tomorrow ??


15 responses to “Unexpected freedom!

  1. Yes, the Precor is my absolute favorire machine!!! I actually like it better than the elliptical! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the melted protein bar idea, it sounds soooo good. I can sympathize with your junky point and shoot.

  3. oh my gosh that melted protein bar looks SO DECADENT!!!

  4. Love snow days!!!! Interesting to see college food-my college had HORRIBLE food! One dining hall, cafeteria ladies who served-yucky yucky food!

  5. Your classes got cancelled?? So jealous!! I’m still schlepping to mine despite all this stupid snow 😦

  6. I have never thought of nuking a protein bar before! I’m not gonna lie… this is kind of genius! =) I want a chocolate chip one now! and I totally only have fruit bars right now! boo

    thanks for the awesome idea! =)

  7. That is my favorite machine! Only one gym near me has it, I only go to that one now so I can use it 🙂

  8. Love the Precor! It’s the #1 reason I want to get another gym membership, it’s a total butt kicker!!


  9. I bought a coffee maker for my dorm room.

    best decision ever. 😉

  10. PS I have been having suuuch issues with dorm food… We have healthy options but I”m sort of sick of salad.

    Actually I think my fundamental issue is that I want to be getting creative in the kitchen, but I don’t HAVE a kitchen soooo that’s problematic 😉


  11. BrittFit, kick boxing-Wow we have gotta see you in action.

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