Today was a LOOOONNGGG day.

I woke up at 8:30 to catch my 10:00 bus into new york

Before I left I had some cottage cheese and coffee. On the way I snacked on a Pure Protein bar

And of course I wore a very cute travel outfit complete with jean shirt, flower scarf and cute high boots. I like dressing ” travel- chic” 🙂

When I arrived at the new york bus station I had some time to get coffee.. while I was going to get my wallet to pay my change spilled ALL OVER THE PLACE. All of these people saw it and laughed at me haha I WAS SO EMBARRASSED.

Then I trekked over to my next bus, coffee in hand, and sat there for the next 6 hours all the way to MASS

I noticed how different the scenery in Israel compares to America ESPECIALLY the city.

Here’s what I mean: See if you notice a trend here……….

As I traveled along I snacked on A BIG BUNCH of PB, an APPLE, and later on I had a Muscle Milk

I like to snack during travel rather than eat meals.

apples got a little brown.




Entertainment along the way include just A FEW things to read and my Ipod ( NOTE THE SONG…. I highly recommend a download 😉 )

Oh and GUM…. this whole row was started and finished by the end of the trip. I have yet to mention my LOVE/Obsession with gum..(but thats for another day)

After TONS of traffic I finally made it back to school!!!!!!!

I went to the DC with my girls and I had a nice salad and some veggies. ( my stomach always needs some light food after a long day of travel)

It included: tofu, cucumbers,carrot sticks, sprouts, lettuce, almond slices, and tomato

Still hungry, I got another place of veggies. This included: more tofu 🙂 , and some random peppers and tomatoes picked out of a pasta salad. ANDDD carrot sticks ( a love of mine at school)


I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not in school mode. Can anyone give me some words of motivation on starting this new semester?

that would be great 🙂

Well all I have to say is I had a GREAT break. And getting back into the swing of things won’t be easy but I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again 🙂


Night everyone♥. I’m going to pass out haha 


6 responses to “HONEY, I’M HOME!

  1. Oh my GOD I need motivation too. I’m stuck reading blogs constantly instead of actaully doing my school reading… ahhhh…

  2. You are going to have an amazing semester! I know it’s rough going back, but give it a week, and you’ll be back in the swing of things! 😀

  3. AHH YUM salad!! and i love snacking when traveling too.. keeps me busy! gah look at that pb!.. and dw gall.. honestly its always hard at first to switch gears, but you will get right back into it!

  4. Your snacks and salad/ veggies look awesome!!

    I LOVE your boots!!!<3

    Honestly, I'm thee last person to ask for advice. I am half way through the year and still stuck in summerr. This possibly explains my grades…

  5. I’m a big snacker!!!! That salad looks delish!

  6. Good luck in school! I start next week, but I am totally not feeling it either.

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