Hi Ho.Hi Ho.Its back to school I go…

Good evening everyone! Today was such a busy day and I am so tired ( and sadly still jet lagged.)

Lets go back to this morning bright and early ( around 9 am haha)

I went to an AMAZING spin class that really kicked me back into gear. I’d have to say my heart was in my throat about 45 mins of the 60 min class, but I loved it (I was even smiling and laughing throughout the class!)  I feel like I was due for a hard-core work out. 🙂 I missed it haha

ALSO if you haven’t tried a cycle class I highly recommend it.. it’s fun, there’s good music, you work every muscle in 60 mins, and it’s just an all around great work out for your mind and soul.

Before I left I had a 1.5 small apples

Then when I came home I was STARVING so I made a huge bowl of oatmeal topped with

  • coco powder
  • 1.5 T of melted peanut butter
  • 1 t of strawberry preserves

it was delish…. just didn’t make for a very pretty picture

Since, the workout took so much out of me I had ANOTHER apple! ( i love apples hehe) and about a half of a tablespoon of more PB ( two of my ULTIMATE favorite foods.)

Then I got to packing……since I take the bus, I am limited to ONE SUITCASE.. I repeat.. ONE SUITCASE.

Heres what I wanted to bring:

And surprisingly, I managed to fit most of it into my BAG! I was very proud..besides a view odds and ends that I’ll have mailed up to me, I stratigically packed everyting into this suitcase and 1 backpack!

….. and just thought I’d use this time to say that  I HATE HATE HATE PACKING and UNPACKING . the end

Does anyone LIKE packing or unpacking???? Please let me know if and why you do .. or don’t 🙂

After I was done packing I was getting hungry… I made an amazing smoothie with 1 muscle milk and 1/8 cup of hazel nuts plus coco powder ( loving coco powder today.. YAY ANTIOXIDANTS)

I drank this while watching spongebob and relaxing ( I’m not afraid to admit my love of that show!! haha)

Later I ate dinner while watching GOLDEN GLOBE pre-show with my mom♥

It contained alot of veggies ( peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers,asparagus,snap peas, and lettuce) Also we had Israeli feta cheese, leftover crab cake, and some shrimp. We topped it with balsomic and Israeli olive oil

Need I say more?






Well should get to bed I have a 7 hour journey back to Masechusettes tomorrow.



11 responses to “Hi Ho.Hi Ho.Its back to school I go…

  1. Your oats sound delicious! Pb and J are one of my favorite oat combos!

    HAVE FUN with going back to school! If that is even possible! 😉
    Actually, I’ll be thrilled when I am in college, but for now highschool sucks. LOL

  2. Good luck lady! I am impressed with your packing skillzzz even if it is a big pain in the butt. Can I just say that when I have to unpack I live out of my suitcase for a few days? Embarrassing but true! Hope it is an awesome semester.

  3. good luck!! i HATE PACKING AND UNPACKING.. unpacking is probs worse!

  4. I love cycling!! What gym do you go to?!

    AH & packing for school is the worst! I always fear forgetting something!!Therefore I end up packing EVERYTHING. Yikes, dont know how I would handle one being allowed ONE suitecase!! & you’re food looks absolutely scrumptious, there’s nothing like cooking at home!!! College food just doesn’t cut it :/

    safe travels 🙂

  5. I despise unpacking! I just hate the task of putting everything back in its place. I also hate unloading the dishwasher and emptying the dryer. So maybe there is a theme there? 🙂

  6. I have been wanting to try a cycle class for a while now. Good to know that you recommend spinning. I always smile and laugh throughout Zumba and I love classes that do that to me.

    Hope you had a good trip back to school!

  7. Good luck girl! I dislike packing and HATE unpacking!!!

  8. Ahh back to normal, agh:)

    I used to live out of my suitcase after a trip until nothing was left, but I’ve gotten better about unpacking.

    Hope your week back is good.

    And spin class is all about the music to me:)

  9. Melty peanut butter on oats is the best combo ever!!!


  10. Have fun at school! I start next week. Too soon!

  11. I despise packing and unpacking! More so the unpacking! Blah!

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