Last day of B.r.e.a.k

HELLLOOO there! Today was my self-proclaimed last day of break, even though I don’t go back to school until Monday, tomorrow I am planning on hitting the gym and packing, which isn’t exactly a break ( but still should be a relaxing last day home 😉 )

Soooo my big plan to work out today didn’t really work out.. Like I said before, I haven’t been to the gym in about 10 days. I HAVE been active on vacation but, I haven’t had a structured work out for a while.  That being said… I plan to get back to my routine starting back at school and I’m going to do a cycle class tomorrow!

I WILL NOT feel guilty about not going to the gym for a little while.. that the best part about being that there is no pressure to work out

……HOWEVER I personally just miss it and can feel a difference in my body. Thats why once things start up at school with classes (Tuesday), I cannot wait to start a  more structured fitness plan! ( more details to follow)

ANYWAY: today’s eats were strange..might be the fact that my stomach feels funny from all the travel but I wasn’t craving anything too heavy until dinner time.

Breakfast was an apple with a squeeze pack of almond butter and a little piece of banana.. with coffee black, of course.

* I also had a half of a small apple and alittle more peanut butter..which will ALWAYS be my favorite food*

Then I attempted to do Yoga in my room which I realized I can’t do... I need a studio. Sooo that was a FAIL haha

Then I went to get my hair cut, got some school stuff at Target, and visited my friend meg… while I was out I had some carrots and celery. I also had a muscle milk light chocolate protein shake ( not pictured)

Next I came home and was a little bit hungry, I thought I’d be starving but was weird so I had a pepper and a few tomatoes


Later I went with my family to a really fancy shmancy restaurant called BLUE. The food was very delicious and it was definitely a good way to celebrate an awesome winter break

I had some tomato and mozzarella

lump crab cocktail

Salmon with citrus-dill sauce

About 5 Asparagus

And a few bites of my mom’s AMAZING crab cakes

* note pictured is the 2 flat breads I had and…. my indulgence of the evening CHOCOLATE GADIVA LAVA CAKE and VANILLA ICE CREAM, lets just say I had a few bites.. oh well I DESERVE IT 🙂















I love getting all dressed up!

Don’t you love fancy dinner and just being able to enjoy good food without the guilt?

I sure do! Even though I’m a full haha…it was welll worth it and I’m going to bed with a satisfied tummy

NIGHT GUYS! Have a great sunday night


18 responses to “Last day of B.r.e.a.k

  1. OMGOSH! I love how amazingly gorgeous you are. Seriously! Pass me some! 🙂

    oh, and I have a gut feeling your beyoned entirely cute caridgan came from Israel.. Is my hypothesis correct?

    I’m glad to hear you had an aweomse night and YES! I t is awesome to not be able to feel guilty about enjoying good food! Bc food is supposed to be good!!

  2. girl you are so pretty!! dw i didnt workout for 2 weeks once becuz i was on holiday and i got right back into it!… you will be FINe. and enjoy the class!

  3. Brittany! I absolutely love the direction of your blog! The healthhy foods, fun advertures, work out plans ahh all of it is so wonderful!! I just started my blog last week so I am still a little confused and playing aroudn with things but I like the idea of documenting the things I love! OH and btw i’m in love with almond butter and I saw you asked which ones is our personal favorite, and i’d have to say Wegmans has a brand called damiano mangia organics and its the ‘almond butter with agave’ I absolutely love it on bagels, apples, in my oatmeal, anywhere! its delicious:)

  4. I haven’t worked out since Wednesday and I am trying not to feel guilty. I am a perfectionist so even though I am trying to find a great balance, I still feel like pushing myself too far.

    • I am definitely with you . I am a perfectionist too ..its hard for people like us to accept that life isn’t always on schedule esp. with work outs…but its okay in the end!!!!

  5. You are gorgeous! My goodness! And I love love love that outfit! 😀

  6. Food & Other Things

    Your dinner at Blue looks amazing, and I love the cardigan you’re wearing!

  7. I love your sweater! You are too pretty!!! I’m glad you have a healthy attitude towards exercise! The world NEEDS more people like you, for sure =) Dont worry about eating dessert, I seriously have dessert like every day! lol I feel to deprived without it…

    Dana xox

  8. I think you have a good outlook on your food and your workouts.
    Not working out for a while or indulging in some fancy foods is
    not going to kill ya…life is too short not to enjoy those things 🙂

  9. You look adorable. I love that you say you don’t feel guilty. It’s so true, feeling guilty about missing workouts makes you so much less healthy.

  10. I think I’ve been to Blue!! My boyfriend went to Lafayette College and it was fairly close.
    Have fun heading back to school 🙂

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