WELP, I’m finally back! My 10 whirl-wind days around the country of Israel was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

To touch on every detail of this trip in one post could take pages and pages.. so I figure I’ll do it in parts!  Tonight’s topic is the food ( obviously a main highlight that all of you readers would like to know about ;))

Breakfast was usually the same things.  cereal, eggs , toast, jams, and various yogurt were served  at pretty much every place that we stayed. I often combined cereal with cottage cheese, some jam for flavor, and fruit! It wasn’t ideal but thats all we were provided with.

I made due without oatmeal for 10 days! ( can you believe it!?? haha)

OH and tomato and cucumber salads could be found at any meal ( yes even for breakfast)

During the day we would take tours, go on hikes, and usually eat lunch on the street in a place of our own choice.

Food on the street was always fresh! Here are some pictures from  the city of Svat and a shook ( market place) outside of Jerusalem:


ALRIGHT. So there was this one ” PANERA- like” cafe called AROMA.

I think I ate there about four times!  The food was amazing. I got very big fresh wholesome salads with a bread that they call ” lite” break which was a fluffy bread with flax seed in the dough. VERY DELICIOUS.

I was obsessed! I told my Israeli friend that next time I come over to Israel, AROMA is the first place I’ll eat…..she lives in Israel and says she would still eat there EVERY DAY. thats how good this place is!

Think about a CHAIN restaurant that serves food this fresh all. the. time. it’s VERY  characteristic of the way this country eats

ME …. loving it 🙂


One more thing that is synonymous with Israel is the HUMMUS. and for a good reason.IT WAS AMAZING EVERYWHERE we went. But at this authentic Israeli restaurant was the winner.

Simple humus with olive oil. ( I think the olive oil on top enhances the flavor… I’m definitely going to start doing that from now on)


Welll due to the 7 hour difference I am VERY VERY off with my sleep schedule. I’m off to bed. Stay tuned for my second post about places and more food! ( of course)


ALSO in case anyone was wondering. NO, I haven’t worked out for 10 days and probably won’t get back to the gym until Saturday, but YOU KNOW WHAT? on an active vacation I still feel fine. I ate well and I was walking during the day and went out dancing some nights too!

What do you do on your vacations for fitness? Do you work out, plan active vacations, or just lie around and relax??

LOVE to hear back from you all!

have a nice night erryybody♥


9 responses to “MY TRIP TO ISRAEL part one: The FOOD

  1. I sometimes work out! Notice how i said sometimes! haha- its vacation. We always our up on our feet anyways.
    One word- JEALOUS.
    The food looks incredible!
    and i love cucmber and tomato salads! and the salad you had in your hands! I am guessing it was tuna, onion and feta?
    Hummus is amazing!
    Looks like so much fun I seriously can’t wait to be able to go there some day!

  2. Welcome back! Looks like you had an amazing trip. I love seeing what other people do on vacation, especially eating! When I was in Italy breakfast was so different than what we eat here. And it is amazing that everything is so fresh and beautiful when a lot of the time things are so processed in the US. I loved that multi colored grapefruit! Thanks for sharing your pictures, can’t wait to see more!

  3. Looks awesome!
    All the food in the markets is stunning.
    And eating hummus from the source would be great.

    When I am on vacation I don’t really think about working out, but
    I still make an effort to be active and do lots of walking, which is
    just as good.

  4. israel looks great! so much great food! i try to workout, but sometimes i lose motivation- im working on that!

  5. Wow all those foods look so cool! I love the 1/2 and 1/2 grape fruit type fruit! looks awesome.

    I dont work out on vacations! I think its a bit of a major RED flag if you cant relax a week or two without “moving your body”. Either your a really high strung person or your addicted to exercise (talking from someone who has BEEN BOTH!! Lol)

    Dana xo

    • haha you read me very well. I know it’s a thing that alot of people don’t worry/think about..but yes im both pretty high strung and just plain love working out!

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