GOOOOOOD afternoon. Today was very productive and relaxing… never knew that combination could be possible.

Anyway I started off the day with a cup of black ( yes, black) coffee. okay with 1/2 a sweet n’ low in it

Next came a new invention of mine PB & J oatmeal. ( well strawberry preserves as jam…even better♥) IT WAS AMAZING I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING THIS

yum yum yum.

Then it was off to the gym. I was in a good mood and I notice when I’m happy and peppy I have a good work out, which was definitely the case today! I did:

30 mins on the elliptical

12 mins of running on the treadmill ( I can usually go longer and faster but I just didnt feel like it .. OH WELL 🙂 )

2 mins on the stair-stepper

THEN I met my besty Meg at the local grocery store: WEGMANS

I had a nice salad in a container that helped with portion sizes ( one of my new years resolutions..hey why not start alittle early!)

HOW RUDE OF ME. I’ve been keeping a very big secret from you all. IM GOING TO ISRAEL for 10 days starting on SUNDAY! don’t know why I started this blog knowing I won’t be posting for that long…but oh well I’ll come back and have tons and tons of pictures 🙂

Anyway after the gym I finished packing. I . AM. SO. EXCITED.

trip of the lifetime to start the new year!

welp, I’m off to eat dinner and bring in the new year with friends

HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! cya tomorrow♥


One response to “ISRAEL IN 3 DAYS (….. AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR)

  1. love my coffee black – thats the only way I take it! no sugar, cream, milk – nada 🙂

    i have been making oats for two years now and still have yet to taste pb & j oats. need to get on that stat.

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