A simply good day.

Today I woke up late finally! I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep. I was probably tired after yesterday’s cycling class and I was also HUNGRY.

so I made some chocolate, hazelnut, oatmeal!

… complete with coco powder and chopped hazel nuts yum.

And I cut up a half of a pear ( and later ate the other half)

ANDDDDD of course coffee ( black)  which is not pictured♥

During the day I went to the dress maker ( blahhh) and the gym. Heres what I did:

45 mins on the elliptical……. and thats it for today. A very ” chill “work out day for me

I ate lunch started to pack for ISRAEL ( more details coming sooooon)then went to the BAY LEAF with my mom. Which is a b-e-a-u-t-f-u-l place with great healthy food. Heres what we shared, and LOVED every bite of:

( from top : 1. grilled eggplant, mozzorella ,and tomato with balsomic and oil 2. AN amazing salad with fresh veggies 3. THE BEST DRESSING EVER: tai peanut 4. veggies, salmon, and shrimp with panag curry sauce)

It was a great night with my lovely mom♥

Welp I’m off to bed early so that I can get to the gym tomorow and continue packing for my trip! … once again more detail tomorrow wooooooooooh!

NIGHT errrybody.


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