Apples and Photography.


Well hello there! Welcome to my very first post.I’ve been reading health and fitness blogs for a while now and I’m really excited to start my own!

I figured I would start off by talking about two things. One I know everything about. The other I know very very little…..

Apples. Something I know everything about. They are one of my favorite foods. But why wouldn’t they be? They are crunchy, sweet, and filling. You can never get bored while loving apples because there are soooo many different kinds. I FREAKIN LOVE APPLES ( almost as much as i love peanut butter, but thats another post for another day!). Period the end.

Moving on to the thing that I know really nothing about. I like it! but I am defiantly new into the world of PHOTOGRAPHY. Lets see here I just got a brand new camera ( the nikon L110). It’s great and I’m trying things out. I guess it will be a learning process to become a better photographer. Here’s some of my first pictures on the nikon!


Well I’m off to bed! Have a good night errybody

– Britt


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